War island control idea

This has probably been suggested before (though I did a quick search and didn’t find anything recently), but I would like to see a change to at least one war so that there isn’t necessarily a need to have loads of people on when an island is expiring, and to help combat teams that just wait until last half hour for ‘ninja’ style attacks (although these can be fun so don’t want to see them wiped out completely).

How about a system where the team with the most time with positive VP wins the island? I can see this system might have its own drawbacks but would be a nice change to the standard format. People wouldn’t be tied as much to specific times and a bit more emphasis on the entire war rather than beginning and end.

Some problems might be reaching the halfway point and having zero time, the rest of that strike is wasted (other than VP), but against tough teams you might have that issue anyway. Perhaps there could be more strikes going simultaneously for more options.

I don’t know how you’d factor higher skulls exactly (maybe wouldn’t need to change from current system).

Just an idea as it would be nice to have something different in the war season, especially something that was more time flexible for people who are busy on weekends