War Issues – League Matchmaking & Cancelled Strikes

Hey there,

As you have noticed already, there are a few issues with the new War Season:

  1. Some Alliances were not sorted into the correct League.

As soon as the War started all Alliances were supposed to be sorted into the seven Leagues according to the number of Torches they had. Unfortunately some Alliances were NOT put into the correct League. We are currently investigating why this has happened as we have never observed anything like this during our internal matchmaking tests. Regretfully, it’s impossible to do anything about it before the end of the ongoing War. Rest assured that we will fix the League placements as soon as possible, even if it means resetting/restarting the Season prematurely. All affected Alliances will be compensated adequately.

  1. Some Strikes are cancelled prematurely.

It looks there is an issue causing ongoing Strikes to abruptly end. We are already looking into this as well and will fix it as soon as we can. If you have any more information what might cause this please feel free to send us a message.

We are very sorry that the new War Season had such a rough start. We are already looking into the problems and will do everything to fix them as soon as possible.

Many thanks, 

-Your Olympus Rising Team