War level mismatch

We are currently matched against the 11th, 12th and 16th level Alliances and we (before the war) were 45th? WTF?

This is a joke - and such mismatches have been more common with the new system.  It’s a great way to demoralise a team (thanks Flare) and discourage members when they struggle to win a single a battle.

I have no problem if we lose a fair fight - but this is ridiculous - you need to do something @CaptainMorgan


I opened similar topic some weeks ago when one alliance scored as much as the 3 others.

this week we are n°42  against 25  - 48 and 55   and I think we  will win 7 islands  quite easily  although the matching was looking quite good.

There is no perfect way to make the good matching but gradually it will get better. 

May be sub groups woul be useful for your case with a another opponent in the second half.

You never know in advance if a strong team will be active or not  in our war nº 25 will end last and members are leaving…

There’s been quite a lot of comments regarding mismatching- and it should get better with time as @thorgal says. That’s more with ranking than strength. As in rankings our war looks quite fair, but looking closer we are sandwiched between 2 alliances with 80%+ players above lvl125 (many 131’s) with low trophies. This is 3rd tier league. a third of my players can prob only win a 3-4 battles, as a lvl 125-131 with blessings+war blessing - they’re as hard as many players with double their trophies.

In online games I’ve played previously, with wars similar in nature - before the start of the war there is a 1 hour deployment phase (where the sever recalculates relative strengths, based on #of players in alliance/lvl of player/trophies of all players combined.  If this is introduced (and it’s badly needed) it would reduce greatly the mismatches and long 3 day torture sessions.    In this game trophies can be manipulated to an extent - so really average ascension lvl and # of active players in an alliance are the 2 most important stats IMHO.

@Philstar - I agree trophy levels (and even ascension levels) of players can be misleading - but rankings are based on war history - and honestly they are the best guide. No amount of excuses and fudging can justify a gap like I mention above - the system is broken @CaptainMorgan and it should be fixed - mismatches should not be so huge


I like that you can draw anyone in your league only get them once a season. It helps keep things fresh. It was extremely stagnant before. There should be a check on eligibility for each league, though, to help prevent mismatches. 

The injustice my alliance is facing, DEMANDS that FG do something NOW! 

What league are you in and who are you facing?

its not like matchmaking was good in the old war system. 

@dumpster I really wish you would stop acting like an apologist when people point out legitimate flaws in the system "its not like matchmaking was good in the old war system. " is not an argument. It’s true sometimes mismatches existed in the old system - but they were NEVER as bad as now. 45 th vs 11,12 & 16 is a joke

That kind of gross mismatch is demoralizing for strong players. But for newer or lower level players it’s enouh to make them quit the game - something no one wants. Please address the mismatch issue

Do you know who they are and who they’re facing?

@dumpster justifies this unbalanced system because it gives him the opportunity to receive 4000 gems every 6 weeks, to have all the blessings that actually make him play a different game and much easier. Before it was not so because it almost always had to fight against “gods of war”, “red squadron” etc. in the same war and had no chance to do something good, but now these alliances may meet them only once in a season (but not it is said) and the rest has easy wars, moreover as I said before it has the super blessings that make it play a game different from ours and much easier. The more the game is unbalanced the more the elites of the top 10 alliances are satisfied … and remember that for flaregames we are just the credit card to buy the gems to the players of the top 10 alliances

I want to add that it is useless to hope that the developers make the game fair because they wanted to make it unbalanced, in fact just see what happened with the forges where they allowed the old players to keep the overpowered items, and you can check in person seen your lvl, look at the gatekeepers of the old players and see that they remained the same as they were before the forge nerf. Needless to spend money to improve the alliance because the system wanted to close it and it is working as it was designed … just see the comments of the developers

I do like it better because in the old system when you were on the top of the leaderboard you fought the same teams every week.  It was boring.  But you must have missed the two week period where I told captain Morgan daily that he needed to scrap torches as the basis for placement in a league. Almost anything else would be better. If they did something different, maybe your team would already be in a higher league so you would have more blessings and Marcus’ team would already be in a lower league if the competition in league of Gods is too much. 

But everyone needs to lose the mentality that a single war means a whole lot for most alliances. The season is four wars long. Unless you’re in league of titans or you’re trying to move up to a higher league, you don’t get anything extra for coming in first place in the league or 15th. 

it’s not a championship above or below, the problem is that all those blessings that have given you are making you play a game different from ours but despite this we are on the same map, is yet another gift after the nerf of the forge. If you insist on saying that all those blessings do not give you an infinite advantage then create a new alliance and try to play in the lower leagues without “wall of the phalanx + gate el caos” & blessed charon + super blessed sirens ": I repeat you defend this system because it makes you play an easy game


seriously, go cry some more. 

if you believe that the game is fair then you create a small alliance and play without super blessings, otherwise if you do not and keep saying that the system is fair everyone can see that you are driven by a profound falsehood and defend this system for personal interest … let’s see if you’re serious

@dumpster Seriously you REALLY don’t get it.  It’s not the league that’s the problem is being matched against teams ranked,11,12,and 16 when we (were) only 45 - I keep saying this but you refuse to acknowledge it (instead posting other BS “reasons” you make up - honestly your replies are becoming just a waste of time - a true apologist rather than a contributor)


I don’t have any interest in doing that. I want to play against the best teams in the league, not fight wars against teams where the average player is 40 levels lower than me.  I want a challenge, what do you want?

We are in Demi Gods and faced #47, 53, and 23. After losing 6 torches we are now 231. We were about 200 when this war started. We had no business being matched up against top 50 teams. To say otherwise is proof of mental difficiency.

@CaptainMorgan I’m still waiting for a response?? How do you justify pitting an alliance originally ranked 45 (now 64)?? Our normal average VP is 48.8K - this war it was less than half - 23.5k - but more revealing (if you understand statistics) is that our Median score dropped from 51.5K to 7.4K!! so half our players scored less than 7.4k when they usually score more than 51k! It was because they could not win a battle. They are completely demoralised. I will be lucky if it doesn;t destroy our alliance. Is that what Flare wants?? Let me know - because if I don’t see a response I might as well disband and play with some other vendor who actually cares.

After the debacle of the last war season screw ups it just too much


no, the truth is that you are afraid to face your opponents on the map ALL DAYS without the super blessings, because if you are interested in the challenges you can face the best players on the map every day … try to do it without blessings and only then you can say that you like challenges, until then all you say is just to justify this system that makes you play an easier game