WAR LORDZ Needs New Warriors!

Calling all warriors! Do you have what it takes to be a War Lord? Do you want to be part of a team? Do you enjoy chatting about strategy and planning for war? We have the LINE app. If the answer is yes, then War Lordz want YOU! You will find us in the top 100. Requirements are minimum daily donations of 50k and ascension lvl of 70 or more. Come join War Lordz as we march toward number 1. Only serious warriors need apply. We have blessings activated 24/7. Promotions given to those who actively fight in wars. Come join the fun.


We have 6 spots open for active players. We kick anyone that doesnt fight unless they let us know they cant that week. 

We run 6 blessings all the time with a few more during the wars. 6 open spots for active players

I’m lvl 47. Active member. Interested to join the alliance. 


@Validus1, level 57 with 75,000 daily gold.

Godfather you are welcome to come join us.


Whats your in game name?

My IGN is “The Godfather” :slight_smile:

You have divine blessings active 24/7? :slight_smile:

We have 5 blessings active 24/7 

We have 3 open spots. 6 blessings plus the barricade war blessing. Must have min donation of 50k and ascension lvl 80