War losses transition to regular map jumps

Since the war heroes no longer leave the map for war, I have noticed that the breaches from war now transition to their evictions from resource islands. Since war, I have had breaches from war only, and none on my map. However, my heroes are bumped from resource islands, and they’re only my war heroes. Is it possible that the losses in war are indeed impacting resource island jumps? If so, it is possible their jump behavior is correlated to losses because they’re war heroes. Can you confirm the bug and possibly segregate the behavior of losses between war and regular map?

No, that happens at the begining of the war only.

It is affected by the new setup, that heroes are not returned to mount Olympus. For that reason, they seem to be affected, and when war starts, all 3 heroes re-position. We have reported this. Same happens when celestial boost runs out, the 2 GODS are also re-positioned and not returned to mount Olympus.

No confirmation if this is a feature or a bug. War activity (losses) does not affect them, take notice and you will confirm this your self.

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This is not intended and we are looking into a fix for the near future.