War Manager's standing instruction to troops during strikes

"Newb Enablers" series

When new members join an alliance, some of them may not understand the War Markers placed on the war map during alliance wars. The war instructions given on the common chat disappears under piles of chit-chat & online-offline notifications. With members located across numerous timezones, the war manager may not be able to keep repeating the standing orders frequently on chat. So, in addition to the markers (which should be clear enough, and yet it is not), would it be possible to insert a Standing Order line on the Strike Standings screen (as illustrated below), please? This way, at any time, the incoming member may see the war directive for each strike and attack accordingly without disrupting the war manager’s plans. 

Thanks. ☺️

(_ BTW : As it’s a proper noun, is it “Furys” or “Furies”? _?)

Many, if not most alliances use the Alliance Motto to issue war orders. It at least stands out a little from all the junk, although once the devs get through doing all the critical stuff they need to do in other areas, they need to circle back around to the message system. It pretty much sucks the way it is right now. There were some basic usability elements that were much better before the January update.

I do like that idea though!

It all helps, but also if my alliance members don’t understand that a big red ‘X’ across the island mean don’t attack, as opposed to the double chevron green >> meaning attack like a mo*t?er f*&ck%r - then I’m sorry they get the boot :slight_smile:  

Individual specific message is nice though. 

Oh, man, don’t I hear you! I lost count of how many times I facepalmed ?‍♀️ on that Big Red X mix-up by some team members… ??