War Maps - fairness (wrap around)

My War group has always, in SIX wars, found that one particular alliance is always in a “safe” corner.  It makes us wonder how randomly the positions are allocated.


The real problem of course is that the maps are unfair to the alliances in the middle, which have more neighbours.  The alliances starting in the corners have fewer.


Here are 2 simple solutions:


1/ Change the map to a more circular design, rather than a rectangle.  Aim being equal numbers of neighbours, and ensure expose to higher number of neighbours (not just 2).




2/ Make the current map wrap-around, just like a rectangular map of a globe, like the World map.  This means equal numbers of neighbours, as the alliances on the 2 sides can attack into the map, or “around it” using the wrap-around.

Love the ideas! I will add them to the list you can find here:



circular map may not fit into the screen very well, but globe map is an awesome idea! I love it!

Yes, I’ve always wanted for there to be a sort of portal between the two sides.

Yeah the Circular map would not fit in the screen. But you forgot RR2 is a 3D game. So designing the Ally war Map in a Globe type circular 3D model can be done, so we could rotate the globe and make war.


Tip to developer :- Please see “Atlas” apps for reference of 3D globe war maps !!!

Thank everyone for the comments.


My own preference is for the simple fix too i.e. simply making the current map wrap-around.


EmperorV is correct though of course, that in this 3D game it is perfectly possible to create a rotatable globe.  It would be cool, but I suppose create extra programming work.

Both ideas would improve the game. I’d be ok with both a circular map or with a 3D one - just so that no one is stuck on the edges and thus be at a loss.


At the moment we’re in a war (5 alliances with level 1000-1600) with an alliance that is level 365 and has 10 more members than anyone else - AND the strongest alliance is smack dab in the middle of the map - this is very unfair. The other alliances have no chance whatsoever: almost everyone but the level 365 alliance is blocked into a corner.  :slightly_frowning_face:


Please fix this!

Starting in the middle could mean you gain more skulls… It is all about strategy…

Yes, but you can only gain so many skulls each day. If you’re fighting on 4 fronts and have 2 farms upgrading, it can be damned-near impossible to balance 12 attacks with work and school. They need to have other options besides our alliance! )’=

I think one problem is that you can get stuck at the edge of the map. If you have a strong team in the middle, they can block other teams off, and it is chance whether or not you are at the “better” side and can attack other weaker teams.

I think it should like Risk. Everybody choose which 3 territories they want (x Do you want Australia, so that you only have to fight on one front? Do you want part of Asia, so that you can fight on multiple? Part of South America to have 2 options? Etc.