War Master set ? Nice joke

Seriously you call this war master set but you are selling a SP gear with LUCK PERK?! And two gears that has FARMER PERK?! And I’m pretty sure that Ancient Silks was part of previous granny set lol why repeat the same gear again?

Its a nice idea but done half heartedly…good thing it come with 3k gems and 10 PL tickets ?

How much ?? 

Like 20$

No spell perks?? ???

this very good set

Useless ubers with sp, now people are looking for pro items  to get skull bonus. But good for those people who have no luck to find skull bonus on weapon and gloves.

if you have this set this very very good ,after change what you want,skull score very hard find.


The Cape is called Relentless Gale…I wish we had that kind of response on the forums…Relentless Gala :wink:  

Well something is puzzling me though.

Why is the perk on the Gloves so much worse than the others?

And I still haven’t got heal ring. Not even pro Variant.

I am only interested in the Cape and ring as I still am missing SP on my Cape though ring is 0.1 worse than my own but it’ the heal Aura that I want.

My question is the difference between pro Variation and this uber big?

Can’t Imagine that I consider paying for something in rr2 after all those years not paying FG anything ?

This is extra fun, see what lower lvl gets with this offer ?

0.0%, that’s gotta be a bug

And you think 1.0 is not a bug? Long time ago, i removed perk and got skull bonus. 0.1% ??

This is what a low lvl can get ?

This is a very good skull perk set. I’m sure lots of players will enhance their war sets with this one.

What level are you Odkim?


Here’s how I am seeing this bonus, and correct me if I am wrong.


It costs $20.  That is the normal cost for 2,500 gems.

But with this offer you get:

3,000 gems (+500)

The War Master Item Set (Maybe good for some people, good to melt-down for others)

A Pro League Chest (or is that 5 chests?), guaranteed to have at least 10 Pro League tickets in it.


So … Even if you find the Items only useful for melt-down (and probably very good purple-stone yield), the other attributes of the offer still may hold significant value.

10 Pro Tickets costs 5,600 gems, which costs in the range of $35.


How many Pro Chests do you get? 5? It doesn’t really say

you just get 10 tickets inn them 

Precisely, AwesomestKnightest - it is unclear.

It describes a “5x Value,” but that is referring to the “actual” cost (whatever that is) of $100, versus the offered price (which, really is the real price) of $20.  ($20 x 5 = $100)

The only thing we know about the Pro Chests is that there is at least one, and that there will be a yield of at least 10 Pro Tickets.  

If you’re fine with 10 Pro Tickets plus 3,000 gems for $20, the rest is gravy.


There is nothing else in those Pro-Chests. Just the 10 Tickets.

Technically, 10 tickets should get a good amount of gems from the monthly leaderboard, so it’s really not that bad to only get 10 tickets