War Master set ? Nice joke

Thos low items is not mine, that is offer for a lvl 61 player ?

Is that what sets the level of these perks: The Hero’s Level?

Does the Trophy count have any influence?

Hero’s level yes, trophies no.

Basically you gonna need at least level 100 to get a worth to keep SP from chest, forge or special offer…


Pro ring starts at like 70% which is twice the value of Uber ring…but ofc you dunno how many forges you need before getting the SP perk…but yeah pro ring is much better than this one…

As for the cape, this one they offer is already super good SP gear to have…the weapon one isn’t bad either but blizzard SP definitely better choice…

Starts at like 70% ?? Maybe for someone with a lvl 130 king…


I got mine when I was at king lvl 116 and it had only ~53% heal aura. It’s now at +17 with 77% heal aura.

This week (at lvl 118) I got a diamond ring (uber), with 33,7% heal aura.


So there’s a bit of a difference between them, but it’s ok.

I went ahead and bit the bullet, and blew the $20.

I can 100% confirm what LukasV24 and MagischerKoenig said: the chest is strictly tickets.  As a matter of fact, it is entirely new kind of chest, called a “Pro Ticket Chest.” [See graphic]

4 of the items from the chest I am melting down, for a yield of about 100 pearls each.

The other 4 I am keeping to be used exclusively in Alliance wars, since I will get that Skull Bonus.  I will have to see how that goes, though.  I am swapping the skull bonus for either an offensive or defensive bonus.  A percentage multiplier is nice, but will it be offset by a diminished capability to successfully secure Skulls?



What the sentence mean in simple English ?

And this ticket chest have been offered before :slight_smile: so its known to be containing tickets only

I did not realize the Pro Ticket Chest has been offered before. My mistake, and thanks for clarifying that.

Concerning the last sentence, I am just saying it is a trade of benefits.  [See Graphic]

By choosing the Diamond Ring with the Skull Bonus I also get the Heal Aura.  

However … I am using that instead of the Zelos Ring, which has the Bomb Kicker Backer and the Ice Damage.

The Zelos Ring will allow a more aggressive offense.  You can advance your hero more quickly.  

I am going to try out the Diamond Ring in Alliance Wars, and see how it goes.  What may happen, which would be unfortunate for me, is that I get a 5.7% bonus on my skulls, but I am actually earning fewer skulls, because my offense is weaker.  Instead of getting 100% completion of an opponent, perhaps I only get 80% completion.  

Hypothetical Example:

Zelos Ring: 100% completion = 1020 Skulls 

Diamond Ring: 80% completion = 850 Skulls … 850 Skulls x 1.057 = 899 Skulls

So, by using the equipment designed to provide a Skull Bonus, you could actually get fewer skulls.  That will depend on me, and my particular skill versus other players’ defenses.  If I am fighting an Alliance that has a lot of beginner players, the Diamond Ring (with its bonus) will certainly be very useful.  However, if I am fighting a mighty opponent, I will not use the bonus skull items.  Instead, I will concentrate on trying to obtain 100% (or as close as I can), and forgo (swap - trade) the bonus.



But this can be easily fixed. In wars you can choose your opponent. So it theory it should always be possible to get 100% or 99%.

Yes, you can choose easy opponents where you are nearly certain of achieving 99-100% completion, and the full Skull Count.  However, the skull count for those opponents is also lower.

Do you 100% of a low number, or 85% of a much higher number?

I got the offer last night. Since I wanted to have better items, I used a lot of effort to level up this morning but the gear is still the same. It didn’t improve with my level. That really sucks :confused:

Anybodyelse having this ussue?

Skull rewards max out at 1015 (without perk), once your opponents hit that level then you don’t have to fight the toughest on the enemy team.  Unless your opening every CoF, then you want to hit higher to get more skulls from the CoF.

I have now made it to Level 110, and I have noticed that advancing is a longer and slower process, i.e. many more experience points needed each step.

I wasn’t even close to being able to get to Level 111.  I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

Thanks, PiP, I wondered about that.   It looked like there was a ceiling on the amount of skulls that one could earn, regardless of how powerful the opponent.  

If I understand correctly, if you are trying for absolute maximum skull earnings, you need to fight the toughest players.  The Chamber of Fortune (CoF) reward skulls are greater.  Is that correct?

Yep, I made 35 million XP only this morning. Cost me quite a few vouchers for bread and now it’s all for nothing.

I am not so much focused on Hero Level at this point.  I need to concentrate on Trophy count, so that I can progress up to the higher Ninja/Pirate challenges.

For me, at this time, it is all about pearls  (purple stones).  I have plenty of cash, food, and gems.  I need all the pearls I can get to continue to Forge spells, units, and defense structures.

Like you, I have blown a lot of time and food vouchers trying to get to the next level for Ninjas, only to fall just-short in the final hours. 

As long as you attack someone that is level 95 you get max skull count so. Yeah it’s actually almost Impossible not to get 100 or 99%

What happens if i buy warmaster set, when I have  full inventory? Do I get xtra slots for free?


Yes you do ?

Only if you have just uber and pro gear in your inventory. All other items will be sold