War matching actually reasonable - shocked and pleased

Wanted to say that I am both shocked and pleased! War matchups are the most reasonable I have seen in forever!! 

It won’t be an easy war … and we may not win … However, at least all the teams on the map are within reasonable levels to each other!! and all players will be able to participate and feel like they are playing like players!!

Bravo, this is the closest most reasonable matching I have seen in a very very long time!!

Will make for a fun challenging event!!!

Same here, this is gonna be a good war. Fun, Exciting, Heart Pounding lol…when the teams are all close to each other, you never know what will happen. That’s what I like about these wars!

Nice to see it. Since I tend to grumble .  I wanted to make sure to post when something is done correctly!!

 Thanks for letting us know :grinning:

Agree, we feel the same here, it’s a good matching that everyone is able to participate!

Good to hear this. can you tell us your alliance ranking? My last war was mixed with top alliances as well. (Top3 alliance)