War Matching

Why you guys don’t match teams based on the top 45 from each Alliance.? That is more than fare. Right now as it is ,you managed to discourage the war season where the Pyromancer is not in play. Everyone is dropping fiefdoms for a next time easy war. Stupid situation where Alliance like us will drop as many fiefdoms we need ,in order to get easy opponents. Not that is news for you. But the game is suffering. Good luck with it.

          On my actual war map I got top 7 .GREAT . Not even bothered to start any fight. My alliance  is getting holidays from war season . 

vl got fun map, hard one. Imvery like this new feature, when maps are become independent

i think its hard now to placement vs only 45 players. 


And make it possible that winners can choose from a given list  their 3 free boosts including those special troop etc.  Than you will see some good wars where the Gems will flood everywhere…I know Flare doesn’t bother to read .Just saying.

top 45 rating? so race to see who can drops the most trophies? that sounds awesome (not)

our war map has i think at least 4 teams trying to drop / not attacking since day 2, I think 5th team also not actually trying to win, and only 1 trying to win this war. Unfortunately with so many trying to drop, it makes it very hard to drop even.

so everyone will just fight for 3rd place to get arbs? you won’t see anyone trying to get 1st.

certainly they need to fix wars, but your suggestions are not good.

new LB made it more (arguably) more fun to fight vs the 120 fief alliance, of which there are 4 only, and maybe 2 of these not going to survive at 120.
its made it worse for every other war.

like “keith” in the other thread trying to say all these alliance approve / like the change - given their very short sighted view. And the fundamental issue with new LB he could not answer, is why two equal strength teams (skull bonus, attack / defense) when they fight, its not won by who fights better, but what has the least fief to get more LB. Which is wrong, and we are seeing the result, race to the bottom to have decent / fair fights (not even to try win) - and its a vicious cycle, since this action results in even more alliances deciding to drop fief.

Now VL are not safe on the maps with middle alliances. I like it, that i said.

may be they need to fix something, but war are fun .

if always will win the best team- mean no strategy on the map.  And no chances for middle alliances

i totally understand its more fun for fights with top 4, I have never questioned that.
But the change affects other wars too, not just with wars with top 4 - of which there are many more.

Right now many wars lower down below, as you say its not the best team wins, its worse, the best team at losing fief wins. Which not fun at all, every war the strategy is about losing fief, or minimising fief gain. Thats not fun not being ableto fight you best.

And if you fight your best every war? you end up basically fighting equivalent of vs top 4 wars - every war. You go in and fight against alliances you have no hope of winning in, even with the new LB, unless they are trying to drop fief / lose on purpose, in which case you win even if half your team can’t even beat their weakest king.

The middle alliances are same for low alliances  like top for middle

this system is good for middle alliances- they can beat top too


situation with drop tiles is same like it was before! It was same year ago)


i cant say i like war rules, but i like that alliances have chances against Vl too!

Maybe there should be war rules : for example :

every ally on warmap should declare a fight every day.  They can decide not to fight and still can drop trophies.   Maybe there will be results 0-0 skulls.

ally that not declare war can be rewarded in putting a warmap with much stronger oponents and not easier oponents.

we need a game that is still attractive, not only 5 days for frenzy/pyro war in 1 month.  

Now ally’s that fight in mummy war are punished.  They should be rewarded in easier warmaps next time.

but in my opinion, to be forced to attack will give allready enough chances for everyone

no it is not the same, it is worse as there is even more incentive to drop. Previously you only dropped fief to get good matchup. Now dropping to get good match up is not good enough, you have to drop more than the similar strength (or stronger) alliance.

Eg, say top 20 alliance fight each other, previously they just dropped to try not to meet 120 fief alliance. When they are matched up they can fight it out between each other. Now if they meet each other, assuming relatively even strength the alliance that drops more wins due to higher LB.

Does this sound like fun for you? when you fight alliance equal strength, no point fighting if they have lower fief, they will win if they want?

And yes the middle alliances can beat the top now - if they drop more fief than the top alliance. So now the top alliances more incentive to drop, middle more incentive to drop, everyone just dropping fief like crazy. If you don’t drop as middle alliance, then you will fight wars you have no chance in, since the top alliances you fight will have less fief than you. Let me know how you think a middle alliance can beat a top alliance in this situation. If you lose, you get less LB. But if you somehow manage to beat the top alliance, they will get bigger LB since they have less fief.

Maybe it is not just the new LB rules, but just natural progression where as more alliances are trying to drop fiefs, more alliances in turn are resorting to dropping fief. But I think currently the war situation is worse than a year ago.

whats the point forcing attacks to see 0-0 skulls? alliances already kick players to reach 0-0, and its still not a fun way to play.
not to mention if they get put vs stronger opponents what does that achieve? then they can try drop vs the stronger ones? will the stronger opponents really have fun stomping low alliances?

The core reason needs to be fixed, that alliances need a good reason to win / get high fief. Else all these LB, matchmaking, etc just get abused. The new LB would work well / be fun, if alliances didn’t drop fief.

lastly, being forced to attack (when you don’t want to) is not what I would call “attractive” / it does not sound fun or enjoyable.

Wanneer je gedwongen wordt te vallen, kan een ander schedels winnen voor de borst / palchest. Nu zijn we in warmap met slechts 2 teams aan het vechten, een 3e team heeft alleen een boost gewonnen. Als ik 5 dagen moet vechten en niet in staat ben palchest te worden in de mummieoorlog, wat heeft die oorlog dan ten goede?

we hoeven geen oorlog aantrekkelijk te maken voor bondgenoot die niet zal vechten, maar iets geven aan degenen die zullen vechten.

5x 2 gevechten om palchest te krijgen. Misschien kunnen sommige, maar voor het krijgen van 5k schedels in 5 gevechten, hoeveel sp je daarvoor nodig hebt?


Maybe long time ago this game was fun, and lot enjoyed it.  But these days, with the 50k gemreward in monthly pro league, and the strange scores we see in that competition.

You said once, only a few % reach the top, but the other 90~99 % also play this game.   We need a game interesting for 100% not for the happy few.

What makes you think other alliances will want to help give you free skulls?

If I am going to suffer from being forced to attack when I don’t want to, I’m going to do it on alliance equally does not want to fight / that won’t gain anything from it.

When you be forced to attack, you have the choice to fight or not.  When no fight, you have only 1 choice.  Think there are a lot ally’s with members who can use the chests.

War is with ninja 1 one of the ressources to win them.

Maybe you don’t need those chests, but there are enough players who can use them


Unfortunately War is broken and has been for a long time.  Honestly I think at this point save you gold do ninja and extend Pro boosts…

leave War as a optional thing for those that want chests. 

But as always Flare will wait till the community is really upset and leaving the game then finally do something half-baked.

right now you may as well compare skull perks of top 45 and declare the winner and throw a pet festival in its place.

There is no choice either way. If your teams declares war because they have to, and they say don’t attack, you don’t attack. If they are like me, they will attack others who also won’t fight so others cant benefit (unless they offer something in return).

Let me ask you, when your alliance declares war, do you have a choice to “fight or not”? I would imagine your alliance would not let you stay if you told them you weren’t doing any more attacks when you could no longer reach the next chest or let you “choose” not to fight.

Think you decide as ally you fight or not.  Think all the rest is logical than.

I think if they consider this suggestion then the wars will become interesting again and yes I agree that the gems will flow like water then…

War system is much more better than the old one. My team has understood this new system and started to fight in froster seasons. The problem is many people didnt exactly understand how it works. I have many times seen that alliances with high LBs made very wrong strategies and gave their first position chance…

Max middle alliance is 90 tiles. Usual its 75

so they dnt need drop, they will have 1.5 multiplayer vs every top

great, but thats not what im talking about. 
I am talking about LB when “middle” alliance fight each other - and all other fights below that of which there are far more than “middle vs top”

its easy to see “middle alliances” are mostly all “managing” fief, given the choice they will try “win” wars with as few fief as possible / lose more when not going to win. If as you say they don’t need drop, why are they all doing it (except for a few).