War Matchmaking Formula - please clarify

Quote from Official Announcement about version 2.2.0:

“we’ve improved the Alliance War matchmaking. It is now based on a scoring system, where a total score is determined from multiple elements such as number of fiefdoms, number of Alliance members and player activity”.

The meanings of “fiefdoms” and “alliance members” are clear. But how do you measure " player activity"?

Dear Flaregames team, could you please clarify it?

I’m the leader of alliance WERTE; during last 2 war seasons we saw enemy alliances with both more fiefdoms and more members.

(example: during season 06/17/16 - 06/22/16 we started with 22 fiefdoms and 14 members; alliance TetraHydroCannibinol - with 25 fiefdoms and 26 members; I checked the numbers just a minute or two after the start of the season).

I wonder how “player activity” could compensate for such big dis-balance … or is it some bug?




BTW, I did submitted request to Flaregames with such question … and all the answer I got was " I have forwarded your issue to the team …".

We have fought that alliance before and they were pretty easy to beat. When we fought them most didn’t fight and they were pushed off the board day 3.

I think it should be matched by avg trophies and the same amount of players. It’s the alliances fault if they let their members get away with not fighting.

same here and flare did not reply 

We also faced opponents with 56,49 and 46 members, while my team has 42 members. Still we got second.

Numbers not always make the difference, it’s the members that decide wars by participating.

i faced teams with 31, 35 , 39 , 40 , 40 and we were 14 and we got dead last

Guys, thanks for comments, but let me repeat my main point / question:

How does Flaregames measure “player activity”?

If, for example, by number of attacks in previous war season - then I may suggest to my teammates not to fight too many battles  when we’re clearly losing or clearly winning the war.




That’s indeed undoable and totally unfair. How many players can your alliance have max, are there a lot of open spots? That could be a problem. I don’t know if flare holds reckon with unused spots in a team or that alliance level is part of the formula.

See it this way, if you for example have spots for 40 members, in theory you could start the season with just 8 and then rejoin. You would trick the war matchmaking formula this way. Wars not yet declared the members that just joined can fight so wait to declare war untill enough members would join. If this is possible, you would probably win every season. That’s why I suggested that only players that are already member can participate in the season.

The only person who can answer the question of measurement of player activity is take an average over the last couple of seasons. Maybe that’s even unfair. Better might be an average over the seasons that you actually fought during wars.


How does Flaregames measure “player activity”?

i would help you but i do not know how flare do anything except making wars unfair and broken 

I guess with an astrologer suggestion. :lol:

According to my observation, war season is between Alliances not against player.

Suppose if an alliance is holding 100 fiefdom & all the members are totally new, that alliance is sure to be in a war season in between with the top 10 alliances.

The method is very simple. Learn the system and abuse it in your favor.

There is no flawless system.


NO one knows