OK… Please explain… My ally is ranked #302 we have 41 players our maxximum… ALL 5 other teams in our war have over 50 players…and all ranked in top 200…How is that competitive? How is that good matching?? How on earth do we fit into this group… Totally stupid… Once again Extremely disappointed… Not to mention it has crashed over and over with my poor 41 players losing battles to the crashes??? WHY?

It is because of FIEF’DUMBS’

Earlier these teams did fiefdom dumping and we have to face the storm. I am happy for my alliance the agony will just last a day.

I am online talking to other leaders many experiencing same thing? We don’t want an easy win… We just want competitive wars. I looked last night there were many allies equal in player number and equal in fiefdoms … WHY cant we play them? So it is tough and competitive. When a team has 10 - 15 more players than you it is hardly competitive. Can someone at least explain HOW you are matching the teams? So I can try to explain that to my team before I lose players due to this crap… We were all very excited for a good season. Not to be smeared by simple numbers. :slightly_frowning_face:  

Yeah this is a problem for my alliance too. When people feel the odds are stacked against them they not only leave my alliance, they leave the entire game! 

I would like Flare to address this issue as their next project. It’s a real problem and makes my job of trying to keep my alliance members happy, so much more difficult. I feel like Flare is working against me at times. Not good. Matching needs dramatic improvement.