War mistakes and bugs

Hello, @Madlen Once again we suffer from the bugs in the game. This time the alliance “Olympus Brazil” was league-high before the end of the war season.

We lost 3 torches in the overall ranking, lost the historic of war, lost the gemstone award granted when we climbed the league, faced enemies with the blessing of the upper league (blessing the barricades), they did not grant us the possibility to acquire the blessings from the barricades. Before the last war lasting 2 days, we had another aly that was up the league before the time too, a Russian alliance, which I do not know how to spell the name. Incredible as we are being punished for the bugs, in the last award where many alliances received 5k of gems for the extended war blessings beyond the possible time, we were not awarded even though our blessings reduced, a tremendous mistake.  In addition, in this war some players will have to spend gems to pass defenses with blessed barricades, and enemies will easily pass through our defenses without the blessing of the barricade, a very effective blessing that can change the whole scenario during the war. I look forward to a position from the developers. @GuerreiroLuan @Netto


Oi @Madlen e @CaptainMorgan.
Com pesar escrevo este post para sinalizar que novamente a OLYMPUS BRASIL foi prejudicada pelo Bug de elevar as alianças para uma liga Superior antes do término da temporada. Não recebemos as gemas por mérito e nem a bênção de lanças espectrais(barricada). Desejo que tomem uma atitude o mais breve possível! Peço ressarcimento pelos danos causados, pois temos alianças adversárias com a bênção de lanças… facilitando a sua defesa em guerra, enquanto não disponho da mesma bênção para defender nossa HONRA! Acreditamos que possam tomar um decisão JUSTA para essa situação! 

Sérgio Moro
General - Olympus Brasil.

Hello @Madlen and @CaptainMorgan.
With regret, I write this post to signal that again OLYMPUS BRAZIL was hampered by the Bug to raise alliances for a Superior league before the end of the season. We have not received the gems for merit or the blessing of spectral spears (barricades). I wish you to take action as soon as possible! I ask for reimbursement for the damages caused, since we have opposing alliances with the blessing of spears, facilitating their defense in war, while I do not have the same blessing to defend our HONOR! We believe you can make a JUST decision for this situation!
thank you.

Sérgio Moro
General - Olympus Brasil.

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Diese wiederholten Episoden sind peinlich. Ich verstehe, dass wir alle Fehler machen, aber wir von Olympus Brazil haben immer wieder Fehler von Seiten der Entwickler. Im Vorteil einiger Anwender mit 5.000 Edelsteinen wurden wir nicht profitiert und im Gegenteil wurden wir im Kampf gegen das deutsche Bündnis DUTHELAND, das zu dieser Zeit unregelmäßigen Segen einsetzte, verletzt. Ich schloss mich der Anfrage unseres Generals Sérgio Moro und auch Requero-Maßnahmen des Teams Flare Games an.

Ocorreu o mesmo problemas com a gente.

Vítor o Glorioso da aliança Brasil ao extremo

Subimos de liga antes do término da temporada e retiraram nosso histórico de guerra assim como as nossas bênçãos de guerras.

E como subimos de liga de uma forma que não foi normal perdemos a chance de ganhar nossas gemas como prêmio.

Estávamos em segundo lugar na liga dos heróis e fomos parar na liga dos reis sem chance de competir pois retiraram nossas bênçãos e estamos enfrentando alianças bem mais fortes que a nossa.

Good evening … my displeasure is that we have risen from the league without the end of the season, causing our alliance to lose the opportunity to win the gems and the most intriguing was that we lost the blessings of war. What happened I would like an answer.

Vítor o Glorioso

Brasil ao extremo

This is getting ridiculous, as a freemium app, which players actively spend money on… the amount of bugs for war is frustrating. My alliance is in war with two teams that have active war blessings (2 and 1) while we have none available! Not only that, what algorithm are you using to pair teams in war for each league? We got pitted against teams that are ranked over a hundred places ahead of us! Then we also have players unable to participate because of the game crashing when they go to use fury. At least refund our torches and gold from blessings. 

-The Deadly Alliance, General Evil Morty

Ohne Ende Bugs im Krieg wir können nicht spielen (Deutschländer) Gruß Blutsbruder 


Crashes all the time when I want to attack. No possibility to fight in war. Many of us are affected. 


Hi GuerreiroLuan,

You didn’t get a blessing when you were auto-promoted. This is something which still does not happen and will not change until we have a new version.  Alliances currently do not get compensation for this, because they are given the chance to get much better rewards in a higher league, without having to win the lower one. We acknowledge this as an issue, and we will look into it.

So yes, since you are now in a higher league, you actually have the opportunity to win even more Gems and an additional Blessing at the end of the season. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out.