War: New Player Can Get Attacked?

If a newly joined player cannot participate in the war right away (must wait for about 2 days before attacking), why does he lose skulls? Why does he get attacked??? It’s not fair, is it???..

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Well, It is advised to close or limit alliance recruitment during war-time.
Enemies can enter and ruin you wars because they let their defense as “open base”. This can be considered as a “dirty strategy” but who knows, in troubling times enemies are ready to do everything to win…


It’s not a wise decision to accept incomers during War.

I remember when I was on a lower alliance, some enemies sent “spies” which couldn’t attack… but would leave a dumb base on to drop lots of skulls.

This was hell and made us reach the easiest solution:

Never let incomers join you on War Season: either before or after, but never during the event.

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no… we dont have open recruitment… i invite only those players who are not in any alliance… So, i can assure that this player is not from an enemy alliance…

Spies apart… The question is, if the player cannot attack, then why does he get attacked??? Shouldn’t it be two way? He/She can get attacked only if he/she can attack… If he/she cannot attack, then he/she shouldn’t get attacked… This is clearly a technical flaw, isn’t it?

I think flare did that to avoid jumpers in war season. It punishes the player who ether leaves his team or was just not helping any. And thus the 2days cap before being able to attack. It limits the chance to the person to achieve high rewards.
This also goes the way around, to prevent higher lvl hero to help a team in difficulty at the spot. Would it be fair that the opposing team has suddently a few max lvl heroes that chance the tide of war because they just joined ?

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umn… Thanks… It makes sense… New players not able to attack…

But my question is, why does he/she Get attacked? If he cannot attack, then maybe others should not be able to attack him… Let’s assume that the newly joined players goes under ghost mode, that way, he may not be able to attack, but he should not get attacked himself…

It makes perfect sense that they can be attacked, it means the alliance that accepts players mid war has to balance that with the fact those players will be attacked and are worth skulls. As people above say, just don’t accept new players during war.

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New players can donate gold. If a max donating player joins the alliance, then he can donate and make boosts longer or help to activate new boosts.

Its kind of helping the host alliance in an unethical way . So to punish this kind of behaviour, he loses trophies and becomes burden for the host alliance.