WAR OF ALLIANCES: Should be between the week, from Monday to Friday. There are people who need the weekend, to disconnect and go out.

Aaaah Nope.

There are people who barely have time on the week, because they have to work 

that’s what he’s saying…you know, Royal Revolt 2 is not a game anymore, it’s a job  

At least it’s not as it was when fights weren’t limited and some players needed to play 10-20 hours per day, to champ in order to win wars xD

And that’s while also working! :slight_smile:

I have to work from Monday to Friday?


That’s impossible lol

*sarcastic* NO WAY!!

Possible if you’re a CEO xD I was playing even while being in important meetings xD Under the table, while answering and asking questions xD Still got my fathers company out of 1.5 million dollars dept in under a year ^.^


Hope we would never see such grind again ^.^

Impressive! And to think that all it took was to play RR2 under the table  

Join the group Sir  

There aren’t enough details.


Or make it optional , for alli

Whenever they want to join the war

When most of the members agree in alli ,then they can join

During the week you go home because you have to work and you live there. I work and can do perfectly 6/6 or 4/4 costs the same time as a good masturbation, but on weekends there are people who go out on weekends.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of time, but rather being exhausted from a day of work.

Then, I can also ask the same question.

Do you stay 24 hours a day busy “going out” that you can’t play? Give me a break…

If you haven’t noticed, there’s also a thing called “smartphone”.

I won’t even lower myself to comment your last “analogy”.

Have fun out there. I won’t engage further conversation with you.

Only veteran remember this. Old version. I remember when I was in Blade Storm formed by NeverAngelic. That was so cool. Sad I don’t have keep my old video. In the past I have no external HDD to keep all my video. The War was better. illimited fight but remember old war has a exploit. I don’t know if you remember topic who have talk about players who have abuse of this system to score 5K and more. In the past Skull perk was not there. So more you have foods and more that was easy to score 5k and more. Someone on Android had avantage of Food video. All the complain we have see on the forum. Old time. Yes I remember. The War was so awesome and the game was less a job.

Now I understand more why so many player on Twitch and Youtube are paid by others player and can earn 30,000$ a week. I have see some players receive 500,000$ and a lucky girl who have receive 1 Million donation. After I am not surprise when I hear : Play video game is now a job’’

today is easy its not like in the past. Just open a Twitch or Youtube account. Activate Monization and make your video interesting and be paid for it. Some players become rich like this. Its a way to earn money.

I watch often livestream on youtube and I am stunned of the money players make $$$$$$ for a video of few hours

So same RR2 can be now a job. Take avantage of this. Make a youtube account and make livestream of RR2. Players will pay you money just for watch. its possible to play 1 hour with Ninja Event,raids,etc…

I understand War Season and RR2 should not be a job but more fun to play. Hope Conquest Mode will be more free



Do not expose ethical arguments, you are a hollow head.

You have just exposed your true colors, congratulations.

I’m just glad everyone gets to see you as you are  :slight_smile:

Your way of speaking without arguments is typical of your answer. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Rev I though you have left the game. Well if not then it is good to see a good old player…

This is a good idea, but I don’t think it’d work, seeing as there aren’t many alliances nowadays. There aren’t enough to have this feature in the game, cause there are what, 1500 alliances, maybe a little more. It might be able to work, but flare would have to reprogram the whole war to work that way