War of Alliances

Hello developers, would there be any possibility in doing alliance war events, during the week? There is always part of the alliances that arrive on the weekend and does not connect because they leave their homes to spend the weekend. It would be better during the week, since on weekdays, everyone has to return home daily from the institute or work and a large part of the members of each alliance could participate. It is proven, that on weekends, not all of them make war and when Monday arrives, the participation of the members increases. THANK YOU.

Some people MIGHT leave their homes and spend the weekend, but the majority of players have to work during the week and would not be able to participate. Please don’t change the war schedule, this would be awful for me and every other working player out there

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For the same reason that you are in your house on weekdays from Monday to Friday, you can connect and make war that are only a few minutes, but the one who spends the weekend away and does not have wifi, can not connect. Your answer is typical of a selfish person who does not care about the alliance. You must be a passive player.

Well, you do make a good point, but my point is that typically, a person will have more time to play on the weekend. Not everyone leaves the house every weekend, but most have work or school that will keep them busy throughout the week. That’s all I’m saying. There is no need to change the schedule in any way

I’m not a passive player lol, you obviously don’t know who I am at all. I’m not selfish at all. I’m in an awesome alliance and I do whatever it takes to get my battles in, no matter how busy I am

Your idea about change war schedule is very bad. In busy in week. Only in weekend i have more time for game. 

A lot of players indeed need to work or go to school and need to spend time on family during weekdays. There are other obligations, kids on sport need to train, people come home late and have not a lot of time to seriously spend a lot of time on a game. They can’t say, boss, I am going home earlier today, since I play a game and my team mates need me to raid. I think you can search for a new job in that case, even when you don’t say it, but are caught playing while you should work.

I think having some rest on some weekdays also is appreciated by family, you don’t look like an addict who is spending a lot of time on a game, while more important things are there to spend it on. A family will accept that you play, as long as they get enough attention. 

Sure, in the weekend some plan other things, but you don’t tell me that it happens every weekend and that you always are out of wifi. If wifi is a problem and you have the urge to play, that wifi problem can be solved by an internet provider on your phone. Yes, it costs some cash, but at least it solves the wifi problem, if you want to play.

Fact is, majority of the players is able to play on the weekend without q problem. So that in the weekend this game focuses on events is logical.

These kind of comments are provoking. Please stop using them, this isn’t done. Treat others with respect, even if you don’t share his thoughts.

Saying selfish and passive is not disrespectful. Learn to analyze, before speaking and make yourself a savior.

24 hours between each battle, how much time do you need to do 6/6? During the week, do you work 24 hours a day? Your argument is bad.

To remind, calling someone selfish is provoking and disrespectful, so please avoid this and engage in a healthy, fruitful discussion. I see the current schedule as fine, or would maybe shift it to Thursday to Tuesday rather than existing Fri-Wed, because day 2, 3 and 4 are often the moving days and would rather keep it on weekend. 6/6 battles isn’t all that’s there, sometimes there are multiple fronts, at times there might be a situation to appoint champs, and often not a very simple exercise. My personal experience, I see a lot of champs refraining on weekdays and would champ mostly on weekends, exceptions there of-course.  PS - Let’s be on topic and not indulge in name-calling! :slight_smile:

Lol, I am a professional software designer and need to analyze a lot for my profession. I need to learn how to analyze according to you? It tells the story. 

Maybe better conclusion is that, you don’t know how to communicate with people. Maybe you meant it not bad, but then you need to write it down in another way. The way you did, can and will be interpreted different.

I would suggest to stop giving nicknames, I am no savior and also not accept to be called like that. Point is that you don’t like that another person doesn’t agree with you, you don’t accept it and start to draw conclusions based on nothing. Why is he selfish, because he tells you that majority likes the events in the weekend, since people need to work or go to school? Those are facts.

And why is he passive? Why you even mention that? What was your intention, to hurt his feelings or what was your reason?

Well, I stop discussion here.  

His argument is very good. It’s a winner really.

You just don’t like it, and that’s ok, but it doesn’t make it bad.

Nope, normal people need to sleep average of 8 hours, need to drive towards the office and work. That already takes 10 extra hours. Then you still need to eat, have time for family and so other important things. It’s not 6/6. Average we have 2 wars a day during war season and worst case 6. So 36/36 could be required.  Take 3 minutes average, then we already need close to 2 hours, without even needing to champ, since that are another possible 60 raids.

Most don’t have time for 2+ hours to play during weekdays. In the weekend I can for sure, many others have similar situation. 

@Dena4 It is very surprising how calmly you communicate with this  child, whom parents do not learn how to communicate with people and do not prohibit playing videogames 24/7

It’s fine, I am also still learning?. I usually write complete poems or preaches, I know. But today I had the blue pills ?, those make me calm ?

Some really good responses here. @DQAVID, it’s important that you know, I respect your thoughts on the war. You don’t like the current schedule, that’s perfectly fine. You have your opinion and you can ask that the schedule is changed. It’s also important to remember that other people have opinions too, so just as I respected your opinion, you must respect mine. Good day!  :slight_smile:  

This is just…the perfect response lol. Very well put. People have lives outside of the game. While its kind frustrating when you cant get your attacks in during a war, at least you know you are spending time with your family or helping the family by working. Playing a game shouldn’t be a top priority for a person 

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Madlen, I think it’s time to close this topic. Nobody who is serious about the game wants a change to the wars. Aditya is young so he has time to play during the week and so I understand why he liked this idea. But the majority of the players in this game are in their second half of high school and much higher, meaning they are very busy during the week. No change should come to the timing of the war season

Why do you try to talk from all?


I do not mean to speak for everyone. But judging from the responses this topic has received, hardly anyone who has a job or school (once again, that is the majority of players) agrees with this idea