War OR vs RR2

Can we ever expect a Game vs Game war?  Would be fun , as the 2 game are close enough to the same.  could have a once every 3 months or something. 

Worlds End wants to defeat more people!




Do OR have enough player even ?

We only need our 40 to storm your ninja towers or what ever there called



What is " War on OR vs RR2" ?

I just checked Olympus Rising. That is so innovative flaregames. Wow! Wish you could have spent the same amount of resources to create RR3 than such a poor copy of your own game.

Well, I havent play it.Maybe I should try.

it’s fun game, different then rr2 in alot of ways, but game vs game wars would be fun :slight_smile:

Well FG cant even produce a non buggy event, so I dont expect a more complicated thing

aww come on , everything has bugs.  look at windows, its 1000 times bigger company and still has bugs…

after all its just a game, something to have a little fun away from work life… :wink:  

so crabz you have bug dude

a war on crabz would be fun , and when we finish kicking his ass we can cook the sucker and eat !


bring it on, cause this crab don’t die!

i will beat this son of a bitch and cook you too :lol:

trolls everywhere  :wink: