War points Doesent Count !!!

_ Hallo, es ist wieder und wieder dasselbe Problem. Die Punkte werden nicht gezählt. Das ist bei mir und meinen Kameraden dasselbe Problem. Es macht schon kaum noch Spaß das spiel zu spielen. Erst freut man sich, das man endlich geschafft hat eine starken GK zu haben. Dann wird er genervt. Viele Spieler bezahlen 444 Diamanten um bei d _m Krieg mit 3 Helden zu Kämpfen. Dann wird der Krieg abgebrochen und als Entschädigung bekommt man 200 Diamanten :frowning: . Jetzt spielt man den Krieg und das spiel funktioniert schon wieder nicht! was passiert jetzt? Wird der Krieg wieder abgebrochen??? warum lässt ihr uns beta testen? Ihr solltet uns dafür bezahlen und wir sollten nicht mehr euch dafür bezahlen das wir diamanten haben, um in einem krieg mit 3 Helden zu kämpfen, wo der KRieg nicht funktioniert .


Hello, it’s the same problem again and again. The points are not counted. That’s the same problem for me and my comrades. It is hardly fun to play the game. First you are happy that you finally managed to have a strong GK. Then he gets annoyed. Many players pay 444 diamonds to fight with 3 heroes in the war. Then the war is broken off and you get 200 diamonds as compensation: (Now you play the war and the game does not work again, what happens now, if the war is canceled again, why do you let us test beta? pay for it and we should not pay you more for having diamonds to fight in a war with 3 heroes where the throne does not work.

Send a photo?


I think every player have this issue this week. Good bye titan chests.

Yes … and my Points also dont count on thr islands

And now… the War points are reset from some players to 0. FLAregames… they wasting free time… The cant use now again the furys :slightly_frowning_face:  because of work !!! Thats SHIT !

Mmm… Here it stinks of yet another war canceled… ??

The suis très déçu. Je joue à ce jeu depuis le début et depuis quelques mois c’est n’importe quoi.

c’etait a Mon sens un des meilleurs jeux mais les bugs à répétition usent…

j’ai le même problème on doit tout recommencer… 

I am very disappointed. I play this game from the beginning and in recent months it’s anything.

it was in my opinion one of the best games but the bugs repeatedly use …

I have the same problem we must start all over again …

No reaction from Flaregames-- They gave a shit on us Players… 

There is a reaction, under Official Announcements.

My war point doest count… Hope flare games can fix this.

O mesmo problema está acontecendo com a minha aliança … os pontos não estão sendo contados e estão zerando constantemente … Muitos estão desanimados com o acontecido… Alguns membros relataram que também não ganharam baús … Aguardo seu retorno

Aliança Brutos

Rodrigo Yuri

Same as u, missed the titan chests at that point, but now I wonder if anyone was able to claim any/all of them…? Hopefully next time things will go back to normal coz if it will happen again, I’m afraid that excuses won’t have any value anymore.