War prizes

I looked the forum up for answers, but i could not find it. 

When will we recive the prizes for the war? After the season ends, or after each war?

It was written, that the winning alliance of the previous duel will recive 60m gold.

When is the payoff? 

Do we get everything in a bucket after the season? Hmm? 

Can anyone help with this?


you should already have it

We are in the 3rd tier and for winning we got about 20 million. So as you’re lower, no chance of 60 million :slightly_frowning_face:  

But granted I didn’t see the prize screen that used to appear after a war, must be a bug…

So in every tier, the first 3 alliance gets rewarded? What is the point of duel then…

By the way it said on war screen when war ended, that first place 60m, second place 20m gold.

Now I am confused “there and back again”…?

@Gergeronce war season is finished

So everything in a bucket. Thx guys???

  1. What about the gold (60 milion) , because we win??? We get it??? Or not again??? In duel before we get compensation 200gems, but no gold for aliance

  2. What about quest: Win 2 war in a row???

  3. We was in last Mortal league, we was in green. We promote in league above in League of warrior.It is OK.  But some aliances before duel was in several position below, and they promote in  league above??? They had less torches.  And now they are after duel below us too in rank of aliances, they have less torches , but they are stil in league above .

  4. 1,5 million point  to reach torches in war ??? (in duel??? when played only 2 aliances???) For small aliances??? In league of Demi gods collect this point only 2 aliances!!! In league below it is impossible. I hope , in next war you think about it , and set it down, below . Maybe 750 000 (it is no more, but no less) in every league you can set up different

By the way, I do not see a sense in a duel, One aliance is stronger other weaker, stronger win torches, no surprise, no tactics are needed, in every attack (battle) get less points ,  and because number of players is given (and you fight against the same players  with more point), we can´t fight against other player so in campiagn, where you can be attacked from both side, sometime with every three aliances, etc. We can in campaign collect more point, more torches, we can get more experience, learn more, use different tactics, you must manage defense and offensive attacks . Game is  more fun, more interesting, instructive, motivated. Players not left aliance so often, and not inactive so often.  Here I see the sense of game.

The other two (confrontation, incursion) I can´t still rate

Sorry to my english, I hope you understood me. Thanks

@CaptainMorgan duel and incursion probably need major work, especially since you punted on fixing seeding and matchmaking and since the skull % is so broken (change that ASAP). Did you draw an easy enemy? Ok, 3 torches for you. If the war season was longer maybe it would balance out, but you’ve turned two wars into a game of chance. 

And what happened to the mode with more than 4 alliances? You said that was going to be included months ago. 

I don´t know if you understand me. I think you don´t answer to my  4 question.(mainly in number 1)

I write and you only confirmed me that duel is only fight between weaker and stronger , and one of pair win 3 torches. But it isn´t war a interesting, more motivated if both teams can win some torches and have a chance a win or surprise the opponent aliance??? I don´t know if you  in next duel find  for everybody a rival (extra equivalent), and I think it is more complicated, and will be difficult and laboriuos, hard.

By the way, now we win  (what will please) and we have thankfully  eventually equivalent opponent, maybe in next duel  (if will be) we will be a waeker. But torches are not all in game.

But already (by now) we had so strong rival, which is now in 2 or 3 league above as (players more stronger, with mooore points, and number of players in aliance was twice so in our aliance ) .Yes, therefore I think divide the aliances into league is good idea.

I only share my opinion, that duel does not make sense,  and in many cases is sterile,unadventurous, stodgy and that campaign is much better ?

You should thinking about cancellation of duel .