War Pro-Chests should not be called Pro-Chests

In the last War we really had a lot of fights, so 26 of us managed to get to the 75k skull Pro-Chest (even without using any  champs, by the way ?).

As far as we found out, nobody had any Crystals or Pro-Items in their chest. All of them only contained pearls, gems and food.

Calling them Pro-Chests is not right. War rewards have to be better, especially in the Mummy War, which too many alliances use to drop fiefs from the beginning on. Start motivating players, Flare! Its your job! This is an easy one!

When they were finally introduced in the war, I suspected that something like this would have happened. If something good would came from the war-pro chests, the interest in the pro league would be greatly reduced. Same reasons for the lame pro shop. I need only the 2x moral armor and the 2x initial moral helmet to complete my personal set, then the pro league can close as far as I am concerned.

This is so Flary.

Thanks for the info on this.  I have been wondering about this since the feature was rolled out.  I was considering whether to champ up to get this on the next war season since that has the ‘more chests’ and ‘skull bonus’ condition, but if there are no pro items in the chest then there’s no point (for me). 

It would be great if @GalaMorgane could confirm the level of pro-chests that are available in the next war season before it starts.  If these are ‘good’ chests with items, I’ll make the push to try to get it.  I think pushing for a pro-chest will make the war season more fun/exciting, but would be very annoyed if I went through all that work (~30+ fights/day) and then just ended up pearls/food…

I decided to go for the pro chests this war season by champing up for the season and managed to get both pro chests.  What a disappointment.  The 1st pro chest only had pet food and pearls.  The 2nd pro chest had a pro ticket. 

So I did ~50 battles a day for the sole purpose of getting some pro gear and got exactly 0 items.  I won’t be doing this again.

Just pearls in mine, pal food and pearls in the pro-league chests.

Pro chests should have one guaranteed pro-item, similar to the uber chests, they’re just not worth battling for.

I agree with you on the guaranteed thingy, but I would suggest a pro-reward instead of a pro-item. Pro reward could be pro crystal, pro items or pro ticket. I would also apply this to the pro league chest we get.

Totally agree, cause items you can get for crystals and crystals are hard enough to come by already with most of the rewards from the PL being Pearls and Pal Food

I got a pro item in my “6 item pro chest”… Isn’t the last chest a gurantee pro item? 

Being a LBF player I can confirm that we did not get anything that can be called PRO from the War Pro chest so it should be called pearl and pal food ches but War Pro Chest.

There is no 6 item pro chest. Maybe you mean Uberchest?

This last war the 65k Pro chest contained the same lame rewards. ?

Yeah, I think they should just rename theses to “War Chests” and maybe add a new look: A chest with skulls on it or something. It’d be a cool look, and they’d still be able to give out Pro Items, like a Pro Chest, but this way it avoids people complaining because they are bad “Pro Chests”

There is a 65k pro reward that contained 6 rewards & a 75k pro reward that contained 1 reward.

In the 65k chest I ended up getting 1 pro item… the zelos sword i think. The gold bonus and slow %. I never reached the 75k reward.

To be fair, “real” pro chests are usually mostly pearls and food too.

If they had 1 guaranteed item, 1 guaranteed crystals and 3 randoms then maybe they’d be worth something. Right now whenever you get a pro chest you’re like “wonder if there’s gonna be something that isn’t crap this time”.

Very true @JiggleFizziks, but you are most likely gonna get at least one good reward from the chests you earn in the PL. The one thing I like about the Chests, is that flare made it to where the one’s that you earned are better. Although, you did technically earn the one’s you bought, cause you earned the crystals. They could buff the one’s in the shop a little, but overall, the Pro Chest that is in the War Rewards should be like the Pro Chests you get from doing good in the PL! They should be worth the work

You got 1 pro chest, of a similar quality (very very low) of pro league chests when your rank only rewards you with 1 pro chest.

Instead this war pro chest should be of the same quality of a high pro league rank (at least of the equivalent quality of the chests you get when you’re rewarded 7 or 10).

That’s not true.

I’m guessing you never did a good enough pro league to get 7 or 10 pro chests as a reward, right? Because those chests average over 1 pro item and almost 2k crystals per pro chest. They’re very very solid rewards.


Unfortunately if your score rewards you with 1 or 2 pro chests, they’re crap. You’re pretty lucky if you get anything else other than food and pearls.

With 3 pro chests things get a bit better, you can expect at least crystals or a pro item from them.

I never did indeed, mostly due to how strict the reward tiers are - unless you made it to top 100 then you could’ve just as well lost (I usually rank 250-600). When you not only get less rewards for not being absolute #1 but the rewards are actually worse then you don’t feel like bothering with it because there’s no point. Or you cheat.

@AwesomestKnightest Not “most” and not “at least”. I might hit that jackpot sometime (I even got a ticket one time) but for the most part the payoff sucks (as per what Arrebimba said). And aren’t really worth the work.

What I meant by that, was that you will most likely get a Pro Item or good reward. From when I’ve played the PL and gotten at least 2 chests, I always get a good reward from each chest, sometimes 2 or 3 great one’s. Guess I’m lucky for once in this game lol

That’s exactly what happens and I believe it is a bad system.

Lesser rewards for lesser ranks should be enough. There’s no need for worse kind of rewards as weel.

I agree with the idea that the war pro-chests should be a lot more valuable - 75,000 skulls and all you get is a ticket - cmon