War problems

Good morning game for more thathan 3 years And there is always The same problem in War we have alliance of 10/15 levels higher than ours … we are a level 57 alliance And in this War opposites alliance level 70 minimum, i ask To do of The draws Not based on The feuds But based on The level of alliances so Iasi isnt fun this game i want To play a War With alliances of My level Not See My crushed alliance ! 






Drop fiefs doesn’t mean just lose wars, but change a bit the war strategy, finish with less fiefs as possibile and maybe take the third place if you are good enought… It’s not so boring

Oh, I have been doing war strategy for 2 1/2 years now. I have seen it all. Next to dropping Fiefs being boring the problem is this:

Often you are dealing with teams that might drop almost every member in the last round, thus frustrating their own members. Even if you do not participate in that trickery and have to tell your members to hold back, that might mean they can not reach all possible chests. And still, you can win five Fiefs but lose only three. And even losing three Fiefs is very difficult and only possible if next to a team that still needs a fief in the last round to reach its goals. Which very often is dropping too. Changing the war strategy to drop (as you proposed) in earlier stages can be risky and difficult to communicate to the team.

So a change in the system would be good so you do not get punished for winning too many Fiefs. Having to deal with stuff which is not about winning is not what this should be about.

The problem is there shouldn’t be a system in place that is so bad to the point where alliances feel the need to lose on purposedly. 

Always figthing to the best of your abilities should be rewarding. 

Losing should not be rewarding, but it is. 

Oh yes,  for the best war strategy cumminication is essential. 

You need a good team that trust in you, that know and share alliance goals from the beginning. 

That’s what i mean… 

You will never to build strong team if you will used to drop tiles.

fight every war, thats the key

there arw many active players)

you should try recruiting in a mid / low alliance, see if you can find these many active players that will stay in your team…

My alliance gained 4 fiefdoms in this war season and is facing up to another one with 16 levels higher than mine (and unfortunately is losing).

Our current war:

We: lvl 52, 57 fiefs

Team A: lvl 68, 49 fiefs

Team B: lvl 65, 48 fiefs

Team C: lvl 64, 46 fiefs

Team D: lvl 60, 46 fiefs

Team E: lvl 67, 43 fiefs

Should my team keep increasing fiefs till we meet your team or what do you suggest?

If you would be really fighting the next War (Mummy War) chances are good you will win, even when the other teams are stronger because many will not try to win and get the Pyros instead next time.

You might suffer from this decision at least for the war following, possibly even longer. Exacly what is happening to us right now. As a Rank 60 Team being set against four Top 15 teams. And we just could to lose two fiefs. Weare having loyal members but many smaller teams do not. So they might lose people due to losing and the situation could get even worse.

System needs to change! I am hoping for finally having some war improvements in Version 4.0. At least war reward boosts have to be made equal or changed in another way, which could easily happen outside a mayor version update.

If you are a number one team that can not meet any impossible opponents, the situation is different and you can afford to win every fight, of course. Horray, cr1!

I did it while i managed PL.

there were a lot of core players who were with us only cuz we constantly fought with everyone. It was gold era of PL


Yeap i bet you should

core players are not the issue, its finding new players that will also become core players.

don’t get me wrong, i agree with you about fighting hard always, and those are the players you want to find and keep.
but there aren’t just lots of active players you can find easily, and its demoralising for new players who join and come straight up into a war(s) we have no hope in winning due to always trying to win.

The war itself is boring in general. I never enjoy wars, cause I can’t stand attacking a lot in a day, other than when it’s an open base. Ninja events are fine cause you get little breaks in between attacks, but you are still on a forced schedule, something I don’t like

This has also been touched, but players need more incentive to participate in war, that’s another war problem.

I did my own research by writing what I got on each war chest, and now I share my results with everyone.

Are these rewards worth hours of raiding? I don’t think so…

Its a team game, war doesn’t necessarily need to have good personal rewards (at least for mid to top alliances) for participation, if it has good team rewards.

To me the biggest issue is that to get to best team rewards, there is incentive to lose on purpose which isn’t right.

personal rewards would be nice on the side, but what personal rewards are you going to get when you are told not to attack / get kicked to remove skulls as the alliance wants to drop fief?

What Karman says is correct, we had several wars and we even wasted gold to champ to get to such a result. And champing means another 30 minutes of raiding without even considering the waste of gems (personal choice to open cof or not) plus need to buy extra bread (or boost farms)

Gold from raiding war opponents is to say at least embarrassing. No wonder why some people just want to raid outside seasons. For example, have 2 wars at a day and become champ in one of those wars.

This means we need to do 22 raids, with 2 raids average per day it means 110 raids in 5 days. This is just for the fortunate teams having 2 wars max per day. 

We can consider gold, during war season we get ridiculous low gold for majority of the players. When there is a player giving gold, make sure you are one of the first players raiding him, otherwise even those players have no gold. We can consider cof, during war season the first reward is replaced by skulls. We can rub our hands for joy to find 1-2 rewards, after a failure, players who want to help their team even are forced to waste precious gems to get those skulls. 

Only considering gold and cof rewards for 110 fights in total is definitely not worth the rewards we get. It’s no more than a small handkerchief for the bleedings. 

One thing might help, a war season pro shop with pro items and new war beast that can only bought by earned skulls. It should be worth a lot for teams to participate war seasons and do our best to earn as much skulls as possible. Losing the season should even be lucrative for participants.