war progress and Spy information


      I have two suggestions. It may generate some interest and is definitely an added plus in the game.

  1. The war progress, which we see on the top of our screen has a progress bar for the king and the troops. Also, it shows the enemy waves that are progressing towards the king’s tent. I suggest an addition of towers at the side, which disappears as the units destroy them. This has two strategic importance, the players know how many more towers remain ahead of him, and if the troops at the back of the king (or newly spawned units) were able to destroy the towers.

  2. My second suggestion is an option for spy information of the towers types in an enemy base. The information can be for some gold and spy level. The spy could tell what are the towers and where they are placed. The higher the level of the spy the higher the details including information on the waves (as you know some are hidden waves/units).

The information could be revealed at the start where we have the war chart.  Either after the spy information, the types of the tower are displayed on top of the tower in the chart or different towers are coded with different colors. So we exactly know at a corner how many and what types of towers we are going to encounter and make a strategy against it. It will certainly add a new dimension to the game.




I like the spy idea :wink:

Especially when gold is good.

+1 , impressive suggestion.

I like option 1 “better progress bar” . this will enhance game play a lot. Very good suggestion

I do not like option 2 “the spy” because of the following:

  1. We are already presented with a ton of information about the base we are about to attack (The trophy count, medals that can be gained, troop waves sorted from most to less, towers sorted from most to less, where the towers are, the path of the base, etc. You can even select the player and look at his stats.

  2. One of the big strategies in the game is to design a trap base. That is a base that looks easy to defeat but that has a few surprises. To do this is very difficult because 99% of the time a player is only defeated because he was careless in not taking the above info into account.


I do not think a spy will add value, I think it will spoil the game play for a lot of people

I do understand, however, the spy information is based on upgrade level. It could add an added advantage of tower placements. I also agree that trap base is the ability of a player to design an unique design. There could be some sort of modified version of this. I mean the spy could give information of the chances of win, how much xp points one can gain, etc.