War progress-Final call

Before the update is rolled out can the devs look into this? All the suggestions help. 

The war progress, which we see on the top of our screen has a progress bar for the king and the troops. Also, it shows the enemy waves that are progressing towards the king’s tent. I suggest an addition of towers at the side, which disappears as the units destroy them. This has two strategic importance, the players know how many more towers remain ahead of him, and if the troops at the back of the king (or newly spawned units) were able to destroy the towers.

Sorry for the poor image drawing. The blue dots represent the towers, which are removed as the tower is destroyed. So as the king moves forward, a player knows if the towers he left behind are getting destroyed by the freshly spawned troops or he has to run back to do the job, and how many towers are lying ahead for him to go back.


But the idea is to have a quick glance at the top and strategically plan. 



Just to continue the above.

You can always pause the game and reassess the situation. If there are for example 2-3 towers in front of you and around 30-40 seconds. You can always go back and destroy the tower if your troops are unable to do it.

vice versa, you are running out of time and there are more towers ahead, you can strategically leave out few towers to reach the gate (RAID) 

Mmm interesting, maybe to differenciate units from towers, for units the usual red circles and for towers vertical segments in the bar something like this:

And to not have 20 vertical segments that can irritate the eye, if exist 3 and more towers near each other, the game has to put automatically only 1 vertical segment, if you miss the segment when you pass after it remains to indicate you still missed 1 or 2 towers.

Can be very useful in Dungeon. the majority are dark and its possible to miss a tower. With a indicator you can see if you miss tower easily and allow you to do 100%.

When you raid someone you can see what tower your troops don’t destroy and next time if you face the same player you gonna know what to do

You always do something special.  :grinning:

Also, when we have like 503490393 knights, some doesn’t even appears on the bar.

Technically, you should show a tower/unit overlap as well :slight_smile:

Yes, you can also just increase the segment more in a way that go outside the bar

I just got 99% raid in dungeon coz I missed out 1 tower :slightly_frowning_face: it hurts when you spend so much gems on scrolls and still not win the dungeon :slightly_frowning_face:

Which dungeon? Was it gold 23 or below (one of the new ones)?

Mummy level 4, i had nothing to do so i tried it out it and i guess the background deceive me of 3 stars :slightly_frowning_face: the doom gate was very easy though.

In that case (mummy 4) i can tell you a solution for getting 3 crowns without spending (more) gems:
wait until you have the dragofrosters or temporarily join an alliance that has them now. Watch videos
on youtube on how to direct the dragon to your liking. Spawn mostly frosters at the beginning until you
get your first dragon near the tent. Direct him to destroy the bomb towers on the opposite path. The
second dragon should be directed to the right (skull towers). Then work your way forward and bring it
home. My combo was: froster cannon mummy and sonic blast swordrain shield. Got 5+ dragons.
You may have to practise a bit, but don’t waste gems. Two other members at least figured it out after
getting this information, so you should be able to do it, too :slight_smile:

Thanx a lot!! That will help, although i am thinking i would stay away from the dungeon for some time. I will try out after 1-2 weeks. Yes dragoforster helps a lot in my pass dungeon but since our level is not too high level so maybe our dragons are weak. I dont usually use gems but i was so tempted to finish the mummy dungeon XD i lose control. I will check out the you tube too :slight_smile: i still remember we both turn level 80 in the same time but there’s a lot of difference between us now :stuck_out_tongue:

Only mummy level 4, i’m stuck in the dungeon after that (gold 23). :stuck_out_tongue:
Level wise iirc i’m about 3 levels above you now. But that’s only because
i got lucky with +XP items (73%). So i don’t think i’m far away.

Right now Genie and master have the dragofrosters. I’m sure Jack (Dena4)
or Edward would gladly help you out with accepting a visit :slight_smile:
If you don’t have a general you can trust, create a second account, join your
alliance, and then transfer the leader role to that new king. You can switch it
back after returning.

Titanka. We, in Genie & Master , will gladly send you an invitation. You will be a welcomed guest. Just give us your IGN.

Mogor and others are here also to help you beat this dungeon.

If you have problems with leaving your alliance without a leader, we can send a temporary leader until you return. Please do it during the recess. Members cannot leave during the season. Otherwise, they will lose their skulls and chests.

am can i check out your alliance Edward

Hey, i did just the opposite XD i remove all the xp perks i had on my items coz i hated levelling up as my defence was not strong enough for my level!! But i got 6 workers now my defence is building upto mark but i am levelling up slowly XD and regarding visiting your alliance i will be willing to join in off season :slight_smile: and i dont have problems in changing leadership coz my best friend/classmate/neighbour is general.

Hey, thanx for the invite :slight_smile: i would gladly like to join your team for a day or two during recess. My ign is Titanka10 and you can give me an invite :slight_smile: i would also like to know your team better coz most of the members of the forum are from your team XD. Regarding leader i have my co-leader, we founded the team together just like you and jack did :slight_smile: but he will leave the team for the war season (he likes to play wars with different teams although most of the time he is with us) so i have to be back :wink: but i do want to play a war season in future if not for now.

lol, Darren, you should open your king to invitations…

You too Titanka, you’re closed to invites…