War raids and gems


hello flothaboss

as old player i think you will understand my point.

i always wanna challenge and always thinking this game about not only gems but skills.

5-6 months ago it was clear to make war raids gems free. Not for  all, ofc, but for many good players. 

Now its unreal in wars to get scroll free 100%. you must to use gems and scrolling. 2-3 scroll every fight.

i dnt like it, even i have gems and money for buying them.


do you feel it too? Doea it hard for you raid top players in war in war set gears 100% scroll free?


i dnt like easy raids, its boring

and for sure i dnt like too hard raids, its nonsense for me.

war raids without scrolling impossible unless you don’t go for 60 extra skulls in COF…

I understand your point, but i didn’t understand some of your members spent tons of gems against unboosted bases.  I had 3 attacks from same player of your team who used 17 scrolls against a full unboosted tower/obstacles base.  

In war? I know many guys who are playing only with a gems, they even not try to play without. Everyone have their own point in game and i understand them, they are tired  in work, they are earn a lot of money and they just wanna have fun, dnt wanna be skill player.

or, many be, this player is just in trouble, cant find right combo


can you talk me his ign  i will tell you which kind of player he is

Even 60 unreal. Problem is towers near gates. You need time to destroy them. 

And ypu need sonic))

See your inbox, no use everyone know the name?

Very smart, tnx a lot!

a yuda Royal Revolt 2

The game balance has become a bit of a mess recently.  Dragomancer is very good, but there’s not too many options beside it, Viking costs too much morale on offense to be worth it, and Defence has got another buff in the basilisk tower and extra levels, while the useful spells just got the obligatory 10%, so just keeping pace with defence upgrades.  The past updates have buffed defense a lot, but the hero is still basically the same with 3 troops and 3 spells.

War just makes it more ridiculous due to skull gear, skull bonus should be a completely separate “perk”, but I’m afraid the game has made too many irreversible bad design decisions to be fix-able at this stage (when is the promised limit on perking coming in?  Gate towers are broken since alliance wars began, etc. etc.)