War result and Next Event? (again :p )

So the war season gonna end tommorow :wink:

Or let’s just have a totally rubbish event like 25% off money to buy gems event or ‘Everyone gets a common gem chest containing max. 5 gems if you buy 20,000 gems package’ event to make money flow into Flare’s greedy mouth. :wacko:

No, it’s Granny The Extortionist with her “sale” of crap items with a markup that would make drug cartel kingpins blush with envy.

Gee, I think I can COMPLETELY PASS THAT ONE BY. How 'bout you?

I bet blacksmith event will be. 

Lol, I don’t understand how some people love Crazy Granny Event, for me it’s completely worthless, it’s not a very good event, I never buy stuff from her anyway, but the event doesn’t exactly bring a good improvement to the store…

seriously buddy? We had that even like thousand times till now -_-

The next event should have the Granny go on a Long vacation, rediscover herself and come back with good stuff.

Till then let’s have some free gems, and time with our loved ones. 


I’m hoping for something to do with pearls so I want blacksmith 


Maybe it’s a birthday event with many different things just hope better than christmas holidays because it had many different things but they all sucked :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a wise saying: The man plans, but the God decides. Flares are God in this case.

Thinking of flares sick greed for cash income, guess it will be our beloved Blackie again.

I think it s gonna be a nun euh … non event

3rd with 1.6M skulls and +0 fiefdom XD

Blacksmith event? Or Boost your castle?

I vote castle event. I dont play a roulette.