War results

 hello, many alliances spend a lot of gems, alliance gold to use shield and champion bonus and make a great effort to get a good result in a war but the exchange of messages between alliances during the wars takes all this effort to get lost, because Stronger alliances combine results with allies, causing damage to other alliances that make great efforts. When will end the exchange of messages between the alliances so that the wars once again have emotion again and be more just ???

Will end when they will change the war system

Will read when it’s not highlighted in blue and has normally formatted text

Edit: Sorry OP, but it is hideous like that  :grinning:

Is there confirmation that they will be changing it? If so, is there any info on that?

Sorry was a sarcastic sentence, obviously most of us are waiting for an overall change in the rules and the matchmaking, therefore i was just saying that every suffering will end when they will change the war system.

I am crushed ?