War results!!

How have your war season been this season :slight_smile:

eliminated since 2 days ago lol XD

Exact XD


Hi, Titanka10! I was in G&M main alliance where we met each other in the war map. It was fun to raid Allegiant’s bases. We accomplished our mission in the main alliance, we lost all the three fiefdoms  :slight_smile:

Haha,as usual.no1 consecutively for 5season

Last war finished

We got lucky, because one alliance didn’t fight and we could “flee” onto their fiefdoms each round.

Otherwise the war would have been finished for us after round two.


Sadly the adjacent alliance missed out on the last attack, so a lot of our members did get one less

legendary chest :slightly_frowning_face:

rounds …


Can’t we have a setting “automatic attack (on random enemy?) at xx:xx o’clock”, so that nobody

has to be online at a given time?

^^ I got you now ^_^


For me, skulls matter more than boosts :grinning:

Because i want to maximize my offense

without idling (therefore i need chests).

I don’t need boosts, especially the defending

ones. In the last war i didn’t even have the

doomgate problem any more, that previously

prevented me from winning against opponents

of my level. Was no problem this time (i maxed

the cannons in between :slight_smile:

Of course, a high level doomgate from gypsy

rose ist still a problem :wink:


Genie & Master rules!

I need any team with 26 fiefdoms :slightly_frowning_face: