War Saints recruiting

We are a small alliance, lvl 7, looking for more active members. We have no demand on how much you must donate each day, the only thing we request is that you’re active and are taking a part in the wars. Your kinglvl isn’t the most important either. We have 4 open slots atm and we’re an open guild so just look us up and join. We know that summer is coming and that some might go on holidays, just let us know in advance if you’re going to be away and there will be no problems.


Hope to see you soon.

We still have two open slots, after kicking some inactive members.

We’re shaping up nicely, some members have left due to inactivity, so a few new spaces have opened up. Currently 8 active members onboard. Feel free to join if you want to play for fun and are active in the wars.

More information. Current kings range from around lvl 30 to around lvl 70. Currently ranked around 2700. Feel free to join and enjoy the game in the company of a friendly and active alliance that help eachother with tips and ideas for improvements.

Lvl 9 Alliance now, 2 open slots left. Kings between 30 and 80. 15 fiefdooms. Rank around 1800.

Lvl 10 Alliance now, ranked 2000. We have lost some inactive members and are now 10, with 5 open slots. 6-7 are active in almost all fights in a war (real life happens sometimes and remove gametime unfortunately). If you want to come to a friendly Alliance that will help you out if you need it join us. Our only request is that you take an Active part in the wars and don’t just sit there and hope to get some benefits. Your kinglvl and daily donation is not important.

Still a few slots open after some inactive bots have left/gotten booted out. Almost all (one current exception) are active in the current war.

Still a few places left. Grown to be able to have 16 members. Some new have joined (welcome). We are open for all who wants to have fun and who participates in the wars. Last war 3 reached 20k skulls or more and a few more had 10k+.