War season #100

Next war season is #100 and its just the same as the last 99? Nothing to Spice it up or make it worth playing. Only wait and wait for next disappointment ?

Nice Find @Odkim!

Very sad indeed. And #100 will be a Froster war, meaning for many Alliances the main concern will be how to not  win Fiefs. ?

Over the years, many good suggestions about improvements for wars have not been picked up.

It is like nobody cares any more. @flaretara is no longer working for Flare. @FTB is not giving any positive impulses at the moment. @GalaMorgane probably never played in a war. A little extra effort could make a huge difference. But what the heck? Joy successfully guarded from everybody. Goal achieved, Flare.


100 War Seasons should be a landmark! Something special that will be remembered for a long time!! Not some boring crap that is the same as all other war seasons. And especially as MK said, it’s a dang froster war! Nobody will be trying hard lol

Yups , 

May be they should change it , 

As they changed events any time ,after declaration also ,

Why not this,

Or Add some special rewards in this , for remarkable 100 war.

Well they also did not celebrate bug #1000

Give both pyro and frosta as reward. 

Make the chests special holiday chest.

100 gems to all players of first rank team, 50 gems to second and 20 gems to third.