WAR SEASON: 18:30hs each battle....is it a visual bug or not?

Hello today i see they have changed the duration of war season battles.

I want to know if this is a visual bug or if this is an actual change to war mechanics.

If this isn’t a bug…does this mean that we have +/- 1 more day to rest? Or will we have 1 more battle than before?

Please explain this because I haven’t seen any announcement regarding this matter.


There will now be 5 wars in 4 days.

Thanks you

You still can get 5 attacks in though so make sure to attack often!

how long is the interwar period now? 2 days?

4 days :slight_smile:

2nd fight was 18h 45m



Are you sure about 1st timing 18:30???

I believe it is 18h45 for all battles.

Basically WAR SEASON:

4 days duration

19 hours battle duration

3 day break in between

Sucks because battles start while I am asleep. People on the forums were asking for a longer break between wars, not to shorten the battle lengths. And there is not a longer break between seasons, WTF Flare??? Just another crap decision in my opinion and Flaregames not listen to it’s bread and butter that feeds them.