War Season abandoned???

My dearest Flare:


I am writing you urgently to alert you to the presence of a flaw! Hear our cries! We beckon you to change something so pertinent to our well-being that one of us may shed a tear! 


Many alliances in our group are giving up already on this war season. Super low skull counts compared to other war seasons. That stinks of stinkbugs!


Beloved Flare: change up the war boosts. Switch up dragofroster with dracomancer. Or change garg tower with doom gate. Do this for me in the same way you used to romance us with your gentle promises of adventure and glee!


Or give us all a dozen roses each, with a cherry on top of each one.


Whatever you do, don’t let war season get boring or I’ll have a normal life for 5 days every three weeks. lololol



With hugs and kisses,




For once flare has done a right think, please don’t spoil it.  If they mix of good boosts in both war set, it will force people to win all war seasons and grind for every seasons, just to get good boosts.  It’s better this way. People can take a break in 1 war season and fight in another. Unless you want to grind for every war to win which is not a feasible option for all players who have got a personal life… Plus I don’t see a reason for complaining as it makes it easy for you to win war season and gain fiefdoms. I don’t understand why it is an issue for one who don’t abandon the war seasons.

As someone who wants to win every war season we should have better boosts to win every war.

Since the announcement of the newest changes to AW this season is seen as the weak boosts and the other is the strong boosts.



Flare just needs to balance things out for once.

First thing is nobody can win every war season unless you are as strong as roaring lions (which does loose occasionally). So the only logical move for an alliance who likes and wants to keep a particular boost is to extended it, till it gets a chance to win them back again in next war set  season.  Even if you mix up boosts, most of the alliances who likes a particular boost from a particular war set will always skip the other one.  It’s simple logic, they also want a boost to remain with them if its over powered. So the solution is not mixing up good war boosts with the one that sucks. The solution is making each war boost equally viable, so people don’t have to choose which one they like and try to avoid the other one (which I don’t see happening anytime soon).


Also the idea of changing the order of boosts in every war season is not so good.  People cannot decide which position to target (1st, 2nd or 3rd) prior to war season begins. So to be on safe side, they just drop their fiefdoms completely in one war season, so that they can face shitty alliance in next war season which confirms their win.  Another reason why people avoid one war season entirely, rather than fighting it partially for 2nd or 3rd position.

If you’re in an alliance doesn’t fight every war then leave those losers behind.



Wars last 5 days and the off season is 5-6 days…  That means 10-11 days of no war? That is just pathetic if someone is expected to be idle that long.



Right now fighting for war boosts is the only part of this game keeping even more people from leaving.

And right now we only have serious motivation every other war.

Boosts need to be mixed up and balanced.

Well its not like alliances don’t want to fight, it’s more of a strategic move to avoid 1 season.  Also we don’t force people in our alliance to grind much which means war seasons are only there to provide free good boosts, nothing more than that.  I enjoy the game in general by raiding bases and working on my trophies.  War season is not that big deal when u can manage to get the required boosts available to raid and get gold for normal days.

I see what you mean bro I wasn’t insulting your alliance lol.


Next war season will be the last “regular” war season. Whatever that means.

I will have something new to complain about then. XD

War won boosts and alliance boosts are in general what has ruined this game, no longer can you download the game and play it for fun at a decent level as an individual. If you have no boosts you will struggle to beat many bases that do run boosts, this forces you to join an alliance, but by joining an alliance you are then forced to battle in alliance wars and spend gems to upgrade an alliance tower or they will kick you … If you take the game seriously then the scenario above is not a huge problem, but for those people that just want a game to have a bit of fun with, one that they can drop in and out of (which is the vast majority of new starters) the game becomes stale very quickly, look at the current number of players … vastly reduced probably half of what we had pre alliance wars. The game sadly is killing itself.

Next war season has ‘blow your mind’ war boosts. Oh man. Those who have tanked may get the most insane things ever.


This is going to be awesome.


And I can’t wait for all the forum complaints! BRING IT! I’ll just keep smiling as everyone goes dying, including me!



It sounds that your only life you have is in this game. do you have some privat life? this is only a game. what ever it doesn´t matter. this is a free game and everyone can play this like he/she want and no one should judge about that.


most boost you can win in war season are not good as they should be. why should wast time and gems for something useless.

as FG wrote next season will start a unique season. i dont think so. i saw the video about next update and must say it looks more like a greedy last try to make more money. rich alliances will run all or most of them and the small or poor alliances will feed them again with fiefdom. i am waiting for the complain of the players because of using more scrolls to win a raid.

PLEASE Flare Games why is it so hard for you to make a balanced game for all kind of players like casual or hardcore? you put only new things in it and make this game more and more unbalanced.



Honestly yeah I have a lot of free time to play.

If I told you why though you would feel like an asshole. Some people can’t live as active a life as they want so I play games a lot.

Fuck you. I hope you don’t like it bro.

I see you have a highly educated phraseology. So you are already older than 12!?

Are you mad because people will leave your crappy little alliance if they see my post?


Or are they so use to being losers they don’t have the stones to check message boards?


Probably a mixture of both. But don’t blame me when people leave your little whole in the wall. That is going to happen no matter what I do.

And the guy who spends his life posting videos about this game tells me I play to much lol.


But I like both of you guys! You’re not allowed to fight; it’s against the rules. What rules? I don’t know, but I think Flare rules!


(Yeah, that didn’t make any sense, but neither does fighting about boosts and stuff.)


My original post was really meant to be cheeky and reflect that fact that even though I’m disappointed that War Season is abandoned, it’s just a game. Like I said, “Hugs and kisses” to Flare. And now I extend the same hugs and kisses (with cooties!) to all of my friends who might be at loggerheads with each other.


CHlLD is a cool guy with a fun alliance (he has gypsy rose, after all!!!). Michael is a cool guy, with an intense base! You both play the game in your own way, and I like it! And I still can’t believe Michael dropped trophies on my base one day. lol. :wink:

Lol you’re right Blookie. I took a break form these message boards and I need to stay way. XD


I admire your passion for the game. I think everyone does, and that’s why we take your comments seriously.

Doom gate should replace gargoyle nest, then it can be as you say “Balanced”

Hey Adju,


The next update should make the war season more interesting, so you shouldn’t get bored! 

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: