War season blessings.

Hi, can we please have a shake up if the war blessings, leaving them exactly the same season after season isn’t exactly encouraging for us. 

Most, well, all but 150 players, have never seen some blessings as they are unique to the top three teams…

We’d love the chaos gate, but that’s exclusively for Titan teams now it would seem…

Can you not rotate the blessings awarded?

Adding to this, nice to see we’ve got Seal in the second league for another season with their Chaos gate (maybe gladiatori as well?) So that’s fair isn’t it? The gate is easily worth 10% of points and you won’t do a thing about it, giving them an unfair advantage in wars and their players have stronger defences.

Not their fault of course, any team would do the same. Just annoying Flare do nothing to even it up.


@StuartMc1 totally agree,  2 alliances had the chaos gate blessing for the entire season as that blessing is 40 days duration, and they can prolong that until the day before the new season starts, so basically having a blessing above their league for about 6 weeks…this was brought up several times, but Madlen closed the topic as she said the devs had answered, or fixed the issue, when we all know they hadn’t…

As for the war blessing distribution, we’ve always been for even distribution even though now we have all. Problem is devs said this will not change it despite the ‘popular opinion’. 

Only a person who is honest and not greedy can say the things you said, congrats for the league of the 3 friendly and benevolent alliances… ops I meant Titan League ?

I have been very vocal about this issue but FG made it clear they won’t remove thoose unfair boosts StuartMC1

Current Conquest leagues from Royal Revolt II look like this. Leagues from OR should be like this,too. All tiers/leagues have SAME blessings rewards,difference is only in strenght and power between tiers.This is fair and we want war leagues to be fair in OR!

If leagues of Olympus Rising are so huge success,maybe they should implement them in RR2,too.It would be so interesting to see reaction from RR2 community. 

Screenshot (403).png

It is weeks I bother Madlen about this plus opposite bug ( mid season promotion doesn’t grant proper extra bonus) , but doesn’t seem a priority for them 

Totally understand your situation.the war blessing problem is the most unfair fact now.and the worst  thing is the Fg told us,they cannot fix it.

They did fix it, it just won’t be completely fixed until the end of this season, which is weird. It’s not what I would have done. Refunding the gold I understand, again, I don’t really understand the gems. 

But it’s still better that it’s fixed sooner than just having those blessings run out on their own. Who knows how long that would have taken.