War Season - Cruel Cannons

Royal Crusades just concluded. It shows that the next season is Cruel Cannons. Each season was supposed to have a unique name right? Is this a bug only I am experiencing or is there some mistake? Flare a word of confirmation would be better if the boosts mentioned are correct or not. Earlier the name was given because there were sniper cannons. This time not even that.

Haha I was guessing the same, the name of the next season has cannons, but special boosts don’t include them. I don’t understand lol

A season named Cruel Cannons has been already done, so i guess it’s only an error. Probably their “war seasons calendar” finished there so for the next war season they put some randoms things inside just to occupy the space until they don’t set a real war season conditions starting from Monday when they start to work. It can be a possibility.

So the conditions & war boosts could also be subject to changes. If the uberblaster boost remains, it would be great. They are really good.

It’s actually because the season is “cruel to cannons”! The Uberblasters can pierce the cannons to death with their rapid arrows and the Stargazer Tower can burn the cannons to death!

Yea i too was thinkng dat the name already had used up but the change is with boosts(no snipper canons)

Flare changed it to Barbarian Raids. Sniper Cannon & Accursed Tower as boosts. Quick update :slight_smile: