War Season for sale

It appears that FG have now decided to make this game pay to win. I was involved in an epic battle this season with SK and RL, which was expensive in both time and gems … mainly spent on food and HAVING to open chests to get the bonus skulls inside to compete with each other (btw well done RL). Following our war I was amazed to see the grinding war that was IL and Apoc, hats off to those guys that was some battle. However it was a battle at what expense? Thousands of bought and ploughed gems must have been used up this weekend … is this where we are going to … you need to spend big just to compete.


As a consequence of those wars … two of our best and more experienced players immediately  left the game … not because we lost, but they could see the writing on the wall, forget raiding skills, forget tactics, forget anything but spending gems to get that win. Personally I tend to agree with them and I think my days in RR land are numbered too.


Flare you have made some changes that are probably going to make or break the game this time, certainly in terms of the “old guard” … those that have been with you since the start. Now a war is a game of gems, if you are a gem rich alliance you will place, personally I’ve not bought a gem since January, I used 10% of those that I currently have in opening chests this season so a few more wars like this and I’m gone as I believe many others who are ftp will be too.


Tell me you will make some changes before the next war or I can see droves of good players in many alliances heading out the door.



Always with you Drum !


Agree 100%, many will leave the game if they haven’t already.


I didn’t think that these AWs may become even worse than they were till last update. I was wrong.


If developers still want to say that Alliance wars are based on skills and that skulls in chest don’t have impact on total score and will still ignore players asking them for changes, you know what ? In order to save our time and effort, let’s just make an auction at the beginning of each war with all alliances on the map, who pays more is the one wins. We won’t save our money but at least we will save our time and effort by not taking part in the horrible grinding.


And if you won’t fix Paladin till next war, there’s no hope for this game.

who are the 2 that left sk immediately?  :blink: 

its sad… I think the only way this will improve is over time…when alliances stop paying to win… but that might not happen until some alliances reach 100 fiefs and then they may win one war then loose the next because they wont be persuaded to pay to win it… ie if they come up against an alliance who is willing to buy their win.


or Kings may move to other alliances where there is less pressure and where the battles don’t require pay to win…however then you will find a lot of balanced alliances with a range of king levels. whilst I know a lot of alliances would prefer this vs. a handful of super alliances, the people who are in the top alliances have put a lot of effort and time and money to make them strong and its depressing to think it was in vain.


Most will just leave I am afraid, two announced on here already I’ve seen two from our alliance over the weekend, many more trying to be persuaded not to follow.

I actually don’t have much to add to this, except “100% agree”…