war season improvement

Will the normal war ever change? Or will it be like it has been forever, always the same boosts we are fighting for?

Will the main focus be on conquest? If yes, goodbye RR2

We are always fighting for the same boosts, which is boring af. Still can’t believe that nothing has changed

We play war (nothing new, which means it’s boring), then ninja event (which also seems to be the same as always, just tougher cause of the buffs/nerfs), then conquest (which frustrates a lot of players and just thinking about playing it again for 8 days give a lot of people headaches). So, we have a boring event, followed by a boring event, followed by a frustrating, stressful and boring event

Is that it? War doesn’t change, only conquest? If yes, the game will die. Already see that the activity is not what it used to be, nothing new, players are bored, especially players like me who have everything maxed. Knowing that we keep playing the same things over and over again after such a long time, without any changes is just very disappointing

I still think that it was a huge mistake to not improve normal war as well, to make it more interesting, different boosts or whatever. Just something to make it enjoyable again. Many players asked for improvements, but FG didn’t listen, instead they gave us conquest. Now you’ll see alliances sitting out every other war again, just to have a chance to win a specific war. If the boosts would change, alliances wouldn’t sit out as much

I like Ninja event ?. War alliance event indeed need improvement to the point will uplifting players to play it with excitement.

There’s no words for conquest event for now as it really need a lot of revision. I’m thinking to take a break for future conquest event if there’s no significant change that made me at least want to try it.

Really I thought changing the whole skull perk thing.

Make skull perks a magic perk that lets you select a perk or a couple

spell perks or whatever. the % is just the level for that boost/

Then make skulls a calc

king level x100 plus war boost.

It makes less skulls for stronger teams attacking weak

more skulls for failed attacks for weaker

and encourages upfighting.

Much of the issues are the matching 

a stronger team has stronger boosts better skull perks and higher players

Theres nothing there to even bother fighting other than a war chest if close.

But its a odd thought of mine



I missed when they first added new boost before and during war , it was fun, now we just prolong whatever we have . I missed blunt dmg mortar , ranged archer, etc, just put them as war boost reward and mixed up with tower boost randomly would be fun enough without add too much new thing .

Indeed, there should be a pool of 10 (or more) different war-boosts… the 6 we are having for ages plus some of the good special boosts.

Then give 3 (or 4-5) out of that pool (random, so there is no way of knowing when which boost will be the prize). And if Flare only shows which boost is won AFTER the warseason, no one would feel the need to lose on purpose anymore. I think that could end some of the tiledumping/kicking on the last day of war.

Maybe the winner should get 5, second gets 4, third 3, fourth 2, fifth 1?

Having a bigger pool of possible warboosts would also mean that no one can prolong the same boosts for ever (maybe only possible to prolong until the start/end of the next season?). That could spice things up a little too.

AND GET RID OF THE SKULLS IN COF (or just change the odds so there is 100% chance of getting them)

The best idea I ever heard for the wars, which if teams were balanced well, would stop fiefdom dumping and war dropping and really most of the issues?  was…

Add a few new war boost [we all hoped it would be the poison towers]

Then give the alliances the ability to choose boost based on war placement.  

So first place could choose any 3 three of the available boost , 2nd place choose any 2, send so on.  This would stop alliances from skipping wars when it’s boost they don’t like.  Also would stop the fiefdom dropping as you would always have the chance to win the boost your team likes best.  And encourage trying new boost? 

This idea posted on the forum over a year ago was the best idea I ever saw brought forth.  It would have made everything fun and wars competitive again. 

No one ever even replied to the person? 

I still believe that simple thing would have solved 90% of player grievances?

I resubmitted this idea 3 or 4 weeks ago…

Hi Domi?️,

We agree with players that there should be new things in war as well to spice them up. We have ideas for that as well. These however still need to be designed from scratch. The focus, for now, is to polish the conquest and to make it a great gameplay experience for everyone. But after that, we sure want to look into things like these as well.

Hi Kuska ?️ - We had a look at this idea and we like it a lot. We added it into our selection list and can imagine adding a principle like this (with maybe some needed tweaks) in the future,  but we, unfortunately, do not have a concrete time for it yet. 

It’s a shame wars were not addressed before conquest was added. 

They should’ve improved it right away, instead of giving us the conquest. Now we are here, playing the same old ***** over and over again and then the conquest until it’s playable. By the time war changes, the game will be dead. I mean it already is as good as dead

3 years or so and nothing has really changed. Good job

But ofc, keep working on the conquest, since that’s where the money is now… Don’t work on the things people have suggested before the conquest was implemented

The Twisted Trickster Conquest boost helped balance the war season boosts somewhat. So now there is some point to doing better in the Froster Wars. Gargoyle towers war boost should probably only be 1-2nd place reward, not 1-3rd though…

I really wish Kuska and benson input is taken.   Please consider the revolving  boost and choosing boost option.    It will practically fix the boring frost war and crazy pyro war.

A way to make war seasons more attractive is to make season boosts war boosts and demote current war boosts to elite boosts. 

Yes, and then many alliances would boost pyros or even frosters 24/7.

I do like having the season boosts promoted to war boosts though.

Boosts like Putrid Prowler, sniper cannons, Timewarp mummy…

They’re so rare, but could certainly increase war enthusiasm

Even though war is always the same old thing, it’s still more fun to me than this conquest c r a p. An improved war season would be much better than conquest

Please consider luka, benson inputs.   Few others have mentioned  too.  Another problem.  Anyway most ppl like the pyro wars since boosts are better like pyro, arbs etc and tons of extra chests too.    Foster war boosts are inferior and less chests.    So basically  folks ignore the frost war and go crazy in pyro war.   At least exchange the chest rewards.   Make the froster war worth fighting  for.  

And months later no change to wars. 3 of 6 teams dumping fiefdoms. Conquest getting rid of players like a fly swatter. 

Will their ever be a positive change to the war system? Or is the game just done?

Bump… this shouldn’t be too hard to implement and would change wars a lot