War Season Match Fixing - Going Forward (IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

Hello Olympians,

We are aware of the fact that some Alliances work together to bring each other glory in the Titan League (and to a lesser extent, other Leagues).

We are currently working on multiple changes to combat this problem, including a cap on Bonus Torches, and a separate ‘locked’ War Defence (Alliance War Changes - Open Defences).

We will not retro-actively punish players who have taken part in this behaviour, as we fundamentally believe that Alliances using diplomacy in a War game is not something we want to disallow, as long as they are playing within the bounds of the game.

That said, recently the game mechanics were used to catapult a weaker Alliance into a very high place within the Titan League, which many of you see as unfair use of working together.

Since we cannot immediately implement the changes we need to make, this is an official warning to all Alliance Generals and Founders that if there is provable evidence of this occurring again, before we have implemented the necessary changes, we will be removing Torches from all Alliances involved, until they are removed from the top 3 prize-winning places in the Titan League.

- Your Olympus Rising Team


Please note: During the final War of this Season, we have been given strong evidence that this technique was used to keep GoW out of 3rd place. Since we have made this rule, we had no choice but to look into the situation and make a judgement. The rule is equally valid for all Alliances.

Despite the strong and conclusive evidence, we felt the action taken and the resulting changes to the Season outcome were not enough to warrant punishing any Alliances. For this reason, no Alliance will be losing Torches or rewards despite this action taking place.

That said, the goal of the actions was achieved, and because of this, we decided to give GoW one of the 3rd place rewards. No Gems or Chests, but activation of the Spartan Warrior.

Please note: despite frustration and strong feelings around this subject, we will not be retroactively punishing any Alliance which used this practice in the past. Neither will we simply ignore strong evidence, due to inter-Alliance politics or reasoning for using this practice.


Since there is some confusion as to what falls into this rule and what does not:

  • We will not punish Alliances for working together or “ganging up” on an enemy.

  • We will not punish Alliances for not attacking other Alliances.

  • We will not punish Alliances for not fighting in a Strike, or War, unless we believe it is with the express intention of giving away islands to fix the season result, based on evidence.

  • If we feel that evidence is not strong enough, we reserve the right not to punish Alliances.

  • If we feel that evidence is not strong enough to punish, that does not mean it is not strong enough to compensate those affected.

  • We do not consider giving another Alliance compensation to be punishment.

  • Decisions are at our sole discretion, and we will not provide evidence we have used to make a decision.