War season match making

In our experience the two most common war season scenarios are either #1:your alliance is the big dog. You win in a landslide, the outcome clear from the first second. A good ego boost maybe, but boring.


Scenario 2: You are matched up with much higher ranked alliances, have no chance and are a bug on a windshield. Boring and bad for the ego. A handful of alliance members quit, weakening alliance moral and integrity.


A much rarer scenario is a closely matched season where you can’t predict the winner and it comes down to the last battle. Much more fun than the first two scenarios.


Flare, please improve the match making algorithm for wars. You seem to be basing this mostly on fief number, but this is deeply flawed because fief distribution is flawed and unevenly distributed. There are 3 alliances with 100 fiefs, then it drops all they way down to 50s and 60s for a handful of alliances. Then 40s predominate for the next few dozen alliances, and from alliance 80-230, 30s predominate. Because of this wildly non-even distribution you end up with alliances 100 lvls apart matched up in snore fests. Instead of having a range of 0-100 to work with, fief numbers are actually clustered together in much narrower ranges and poorly reflect differences in alliance levels.