War Season Matching Scam is FUBAR

Yes I said SCAM to get Alliances to buy more gems 



War season 15 and we are still getting matched with unbeatable Alliances I’ve asked Flare this question along with Numerous other Alliance members and the only answer I received was on Facebook that these issues are a RARE occurrence. 15 in a row rare 


This war season we are matched against the following, But I’m guessing that word association games and guessing the next symbol are more important issues. Does any care to guess the outcome of this War season?




#1. 55/55 players     90k Skulls claimed  fighting on 1 front 


#2. 41/41 players     58k Skulls claimed  fighting on 2 front 


#3. 40/41 players     29k Skulls claimed  fighting on 2 front 


#4. 29/29 players     68k Skulls claimed  fighting on 2 front 


#5. 27/38 players     47k Skulls claimed  fighting on 3 front 


#6. 23/26 players     28k Skulls claimed  fighting on 2 front This guy is worse off than My Alliance we are killing them 68k to 28k