War Season Overview Screen Improvements

  1. Next to the war type (Campaign currently), put an info icon that displays the current war type info (strike length, strike cool down, etc.) as I can’t seem to find that info page currently.

  2. Make the ally icons on this screen clickable so they pop up the ally info like the old screen used to.

New screen looks awesome though.

  1. Is currently not available because of a technical issue which we need to resolve, we plan to have this in the future.

  2. I agree. This was missed; we will do it.

@CaptainMorgan, this is for the other war menu, the leaderboard one, but when you click on a league to maximize it, it centers on like the bottom third of the alliances and it’s super annoying. Could you have it center on the top alliance when you maximize? When I click on the league of demi-gods, I’m interested in who’s in the lead, not who’s 14th place.


ALSO!!! This isn’t a real request, per se, but is it technically possible for live war standings to be streamed on a website, or is there a limitation that would prevent that? More out of curiosity than anything else.

1st point, will have a look into fixing this.

2nd point, that would be f*ing awesome. We have looked into such options, but there were always time constraints. It should be possible, and I would love to do it, but it depends a lot on the complications and time involved. We’ll see!

Cool to know that it’s not just impossible. It would be sweet to be able to spy in on any war you wanted to. Then we just need to add betting to the mix…

On the 1st point again, I checked some more, and it seems kinda random whether you get centered on the bottom or top or near-middle. Just weird. It would be nice if it was always the same.

Maybe, and this goes back at when I asked if it was possible to get the datas of the alliance in a readable format (names, thropies, uranus donations, fame, level) … 
If you would arrange so that at a link we could read an xml with those datas (something simple like http://xxxxx/alliance_name) … and something similar for the wars status … then I’m sure many of us could make up some nice webpages feeding on those datas. Just a json or an xml feed would be great :slight_smile:

Semi-hijack… Along these lines, I’d love to see these expand to a drill down showing member activity for team management.   I’ve spent countless hours pulling team donations snapshots,war vp, entering into a spreadsheet to track donations,  vp, etc. to flush out dead beats over time.  With donations, over 1 mill it is difficult to tell for example… 

Can you expose a read-only db report server? We can take it from there…  

Then we also need to add a couple of new ranks in the alliance management. One for DB Admin and one for Crystal Reports Expert ?

Oh … and they should slot in just below General, ofc.

It would be datas that are anyway obtainable in normal ways, just with less hassle … you can still check torches every 10 minutes of every alliance in your league manually, you  can still check infos on any players by clicking on them … is just a pain, but doable  :slight_smile:  -  and anyone making statistics on how their own alliance members are performing knows what i mean.

I doubt that a direct access, even if just read mode, to the db could be possible or even advisable, security wise … but some xml/json files that gets generated every xx minute and placed on a web server somewhere, that would pose no security risk and not excessive stress on the main server and could be easily automated … worse case, it hangs that webserver ^^ but not the game one.


To avoid query issues due to … creepy alliances names or players, a player and ally id could be shown in game, so could be used as referrement for queries.

Yes exactly.  That’s what a read only reporting db is…   Typically a sync occurs that keeps a database copy that is read only to prevent any performance or security concerns… I’ve been using these for 30 years in enterprise setting.  

No need.  We can at least then look up players when they want to join and know right away if they are worth a shite…  Come on, you are telling me if I setup a free sharepoint site that pulls this info daily that I open up to everyone wouldn’t be used by everyone here?? 

do you still plan to implement second feature Captainmorgan?

It will be cool feature.