War season prizes when will I recieve them? The chests I scored with those skulls

My alliance lost and got eliminated from war. But I remember scoring lots of skulls. Unlike inactive players I fought well and I even spend gems 3x. I remember having scored lots of crystal skulls which showed on the scoreboard that I won lots of chests.

When will I receive the chests I scored in war season by winning skulls?

Will I still get the chests even if my alliance lost the war due to the fact that most of the members where inactive?

We receive those chests as we earn them during the war itself, not after

If you reach the amount of skulls needed to unlock a chest, you get that chest instantly
Only the War boosts rewards come after the War Season is already over


You should receive the chests right away as soon as you hit your skull count for that chest… If you didn’t get any chests, it’s bug and technical issue… I suggest you report it to the RR2 devs…

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Thanks where can I report it?

How to report it as technical issue?

Please give me a link

open a new topic… here’s how you do it…

go to: forums.flaregames.com

then click on that “New Topic”

And under the categories, select that bug and trchnical issue:

The same way you created this topic. In this topic, you selected the category “player helping player”… in the new topic, you select the category “bugs and technical issue”…

Hope this helped.

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Hi never,
If you have not received rewards, please contact our customer service. They sure will be able to help you.
Just submit a ticket (in English) here: https://support.flaregames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Thank you and sorry for the trouble.