War season rewards

Hi guys,

Our producer would like to have a closer look at the war season rewards. I have created this topic to collect feedback. GO!





Now, to the point(s):

  1. Blessings are an issue and I guess many would agree with me on this. The top leagues get way too much while the lower ones get nothing, resulting in the select number of players, who are already very experienced, leveled and supplemented with overfirged bugged items and other mishaps the devs left for them to abuse. From the lower guys point, it is plain unfair. From the higher guys point… Well, they think blessings are lаme as far as I am aware and that they should be buffed or in some other way tweaked. I am sure our usual culprits will elaborate on that sooner than later. So, I believe a good way is to return the old system with modifications. Make every single league have those 9 blessings for the first place, 8 for second, 7 for thirds and so on. Make those blessings scale with leagues like it used to with trophies. Maybe set the scaling to be rather visible, so that there is insentive to be higher up, yet performance in lower leagues is still rewarded. Or hell, even simply going back to the old system is fine. No one wanted this new reward system, people simply wanted new blessings. And I heard those weve got arent too good anyway… So maybe rework them to hold the mark, so to say.

  2. Alliance gold is rather useless for any old team, because most of the blessings they have are prepayed for years (we did the same at Nemesis, so any experienced team cares not for gold rewards). So maybe it is a good ides to actually give resources in a form of redeemable vouchers. Because features such the new forge (which for all intends and purposes is rather luckluster too) require a lot of those and farming day in day out is far from enjoyable.

  3. We had numerous ideas about graphics/non-gameplay changing rewards, such as a) Banners b) Emblems c) Titles d) Bodies of the fallen attacker or sharrered statues of the demolished alliances outside the gates. Make it happen, those are hard to mess up and I am pretty sure it is a win/win situation. Everyone would like such things.



All in all, a tl.dr. version sounds like this: Stop pumping even more power in already powerful teams. Either restrict rewards to the war (such as bar blessings to be only used in war) or make available to everyone, scaling things up as you get further up the food chain, so to say. And make something mot affecting gameplay, we all like to show off more than playing OR (thats the main reason why we want old forge back, it allowed precisely that).

IMO the #1 priority for rewards is that they provide sufficient incentive to move up from league to league. You never want an alliance to lose on purpose in order to avoid moving up a league and face tougher competition***, war should always be competitive. If the rewards were perfectly designed, an alliance who gets their butt kicked in a high league should still be proud of making it into that league and should be thrilled with the rewards they get.

In lower leagues this very well may be gems and gold. In higher leagues, gems and gold are not nearly as desirable. A lot of the top alliances (but not all) have full blessings banked for weeks and weeks and most (but not all) of the players don’t really need gems for much of anything except breaking curses or speeding up forges maybe.

I think the war blessings *are* a good incentive to move up, but we’ve already heard from multiple alliances that they would rather lose on purpose than move up and get more blessings/gems/gold. My original idea, and I think it’s still a good one, is to award meaningful, permanent boosts to an alliance in the same model as odyssey or celestial boosts. This would do a couple of things:

  1. Differentiate one alliance from another. A player who likes using Odysseus may choose to go to an alliance that would grant them a +5% Odysseus leadership bonus. A player who loves Artemis towers on defense may choose to go to an alliance that would grant them a boost to Artemis tower range. A player who loves refining items may choose to play for an alliance who offers refining bonuses, etc… These boosts don’t have to exactly mimic Odyssey boosts, but they should be permanent, meaningful, and awarded proportionally to the difficulty of the league the alliance plays in (and probably proportionately to how an alliance places in that league).
  2. It would make large scale mergers a more interesting and meaningful choice. Once an alliance starts to accumulate War Boosts it becomes a more difficult choice to leave that alliance, particularly if they are thoughtful boosts. Sometimes a merger is 100% the right choice, but this would make the choice more complicated. It would also be a major disincentive to abandoning an established alliance to create a low level alliance and fight weaker enemies in war.


*** I say this with the full understanding that league seeding should be addressed as well. It’s not an alliance’s fault if they were seeded incorrectly to start War Seasons. The seeding methodology was flawed.

What @Infamous said above is pretty much spot on.  You need to offer something other than trophy protection in the form of all war blessings for top league.  This league affects the individual trophy league unfairly.   Lower leagues have very little to play for - no blessings - or ones not worth having. 

  1. Offer chests containing minimum of 3 cursed items .

2.Scale the blessing IN league - so not all placings get all blessings. 

  1. Offer things such as ‘free unique forge’. for certain placings. 

  2. Other non - in battle decorations that are purely visual. 

@dumpster those permanent buffs for alliances would just increase the gap between the elites, which is already in danger of breaking the game for new players. 

You’re entitled to your opinion!

You don’t get points for stating the obvious, I offered constructive criticism, which is what this thread is for! If you offered something which would be good/fair for the game as a whole it would get a ‘like’ probably from a lot of players of varying lvls not just the elite. 

Thanks for sharing. (there are also only 5 of us who actively participate in the forums right now. You, me, holydivine, neptune, vasudeva. Infamous pops in once a month to post. That’s about it.)

This would incentivize coming in 9th place in league of demi-gods over 10th place in league of gods. That’s something that should be avoided IMO. You’ll have the bottom 2/3s of every league racing to the bottom to get into the next lowest league where they can win blessings.

Last place in League of Kings, for example, should always be rewarded better than first place in league of Warriors, and on and on up the line. It’s a tricky proposition. 

The alternative to that is to have a different mechanism for seeding, and you don’t move up and down leagues by how you place in a season. That raises all sorts of other balance issues, though. League size becomes a question. What if 75 alliances fit the profile of the league of demi-gods? What if only 6 fit the profile for league of titans? how do you structure the league requirements to be fair to the alliances on the bubble?

They’re all difficult questions without easy answers. And that system would be easy to mess up, also.

I actually liked most of the suggestions posted by infamous first post.

But would also love the idea of letting alliance choose diffrent boosts or perks which should not be realted to war blessings or divine blessings.

Why not add a perk for Prometheus or Ajax or other heroes that are not so good at higher levels.

Could be health bonus fir promtheus or third spell slot for him,Ajax can sone awesone elemental weapons that can be used to kill most of the anyoing Gatekeeper.

Or I would even love the idea of perk fir an alliance that eliminates duplicate unique items for next find or increasing the possibility of finding more cursed items in chests obtained from wars.(This will also encourge player to actively participate in wars for getting all chests by scoring vps)


Gems and gold do not change. 
Military buffs do as in the old system, for victory in the war.
1 place-3 baffa, 2 place-2 baffa, 3 place - 1 buff. Make them active only during the war. 
The first war in season will only with buffs which activated in an Alliance. What place will you take, those military buffs will be activated for the next war . And so on.Accordingly, the awards for the season are not military buffs.

The original inspiration for this was an idea of Crabz that involved a branching skill tree where you would choose your abilities based on points won in war.

So let’s go with it. Lets say that it’s based on torches won in a war season. And an alliance would get more points per torch as they went up the leagues (I know, I know, you guys hate this idea, deal with it).

The early choices would all be things that are meaningful to lower level alliances. +2% gold production…discounts on defense fleets…faster build times…That sort of thing. As you progressed through the skill tree every alliance would have to select some of these.

Then as you earned torch points, you started to see things that would be meaningful to mid level alliances: cheaper odysseys…cheaper/faster forging…small hero and defense buffs that mimicked odyssey/mastery boosts maybe.

You could spend your points to get a lot of the low level/mid level boosts, or you could save up to push into high level boosts. Maybe this is where major hero modifications come in like extra spell slots for specific heroes, increased range or ROF for towers, some really cool mods that start to make fighting against/playing for different alliances feel very unique and custom.

And to make sure that if things get buffed/nerfed, make it so you can pay gems to re-spec your skill tree down the line.

I just think it would be fun, and I play the game to have fun. That’s my 2 cents.

I like that the war blessings are the same for every alliance in a league for the whole season. It creates parity and means that there’s a greater chance of any team in the league coming in first in a season instead of entrenching the teams who came in first, second, 3rd, 4th last season. We just got away from that, why go back to it.

It also means that you’re somewhat less likely to see teams collude with other teams to stay entrenched at the top, or dogpile on a single team to take them down. That was fairly freaking toxic in the last version of war. 

The part about war blessings only being active in war I can get behind. (but if that’s the case, the other season rewards need to be majorly improved to encourage alliances to want to move up to the next league).

I don’t like that on my map everything is almost all occupied Islands players with super buff.

Dumpster, only if u had a normal account and face top teams, then ull feel the real frustration. Dont ask for permanent buffs as that gap is going to be bigger season by season, please.

Come up with a better suggestion that’s as much fun as mine! You’d love my suggestion, you play in one of the top 20 teams. Probably one of the top 15. You’d be rolling in points if they implemented my idea.

My idea would be fun and you know it. Think of what a cool meeting your team would have after a war season, deciding how to spend the torch points you earned. No 2 alliances would be the same.

Thrice a month. Depends on whether I expect to get enough amusement from posting in a certain thread or not really.


I kinda like the boost idea too. Doesnt have to be big though, can be something like an Odyssey, except three times weaker, so you virtually have to choose and bank up the points. Spread it thin and get nothing or specialize and get a decent-ish boost for a single tower. That woul work just fine.

How can alliances be the same? I like the idea, I didnt say its a bad idea, but at the point where this game is, that idea would ruin the game.

Blessings in low leagues are not as strong as the one on top, it would be the same with the buffs.

Nothing fixes this game except getting rid of bugged gears…in other words…lets all start with normal forged gears and lets have these buffs…these would be equal chances. If not, then let it be as it is and dont change anything at all, allow top teams to remain there till theyll be tired of the game and quit. 

This happens regardless of any changes.

Your rivalry in the League of titans, prevents others from enjoying the game.