War Season

Hi!  Is it true that 2 days and 5 hours after we complete the 8 day Conquest, we have a regular War Season starting?

Wow! Wouldn’t that be refreshing? We could finally get some sleep! 


yeah, I saw that too Xalell. It’ll seem like nothing compared to the current frustration. ?


i didnt check it, but i need a month if holidays after the conguest

Don’t celebrate too soon. Check next ninja event, more than 3 weeks from now. So expect that next conquest starts at 28 August! That’s horrible. 

Yeah, that’s what timer for those who joined late this conquest shows ? I hope FG will change things and give us war and ninja first so they have more time to improve conquest. I can’t imagine playing it again so soon under same conditions ?

Conquest is once a month. It is indicated in official announcements. but indeed @Mladen it would be interesting to have the schedule of rotation between conquest/alliance wars/ninjas.

Check the next events, next Friday is war season, next ninja event around 7 September (if that is showing correct date). What do you expect that will be started between that period of time? A new conquest starting around 28 of August (over 14 days!) fits perfectly between it. 

So I am curious, what schedule will be. We can’t seriously play another conquest 13 days after the previous conquest finishes. It absorbs too much time from players, if so just be fair and inform us. Next conquest should really only take place once a month max.

They need to seperate the war from this conquest thing. My team is tired of royal revolt after the 8 days. Ughhh

they will change schedule for war or ninja ?

First see confirmation, then I only will believe it. So either they show incorrect times for ninja event, or we can expect what I think what’s going to happen.

anyway, can we have some confirmation (I don’t tag our new CM on purpose, she will read when ready reading other topics)? 

Dena4 - are you testing me ?

I think I have passed the test.

Anyways, we are working on a new conquest schedule atm. I will announce more when everything is fully planned.

Yes, I was testing you and you passed the test.

I know you are reading it, so that’s why no need to quote you. 

Will be glad when we get an answer on this. Conquest is fun, but I think most members will be exhausted, who seriously played it. Every 2 weeks would be a little bit over the top. 

After thé War… A Little festival?

Conquête / War / Festival / Ninja …

A good rotation! ?

Next conquest war in 13 days

Goodbye sleep. Again

I think after the conquest, flare needs to have a party event where they give out some REAL prizes for playing the conquest, not just 4 chests (or whatever). For the week after the conquest, flare offers  REAL coupons/vouchers for a free dinner and a movie with your significant other (or best friend) to make up for all the time we spent ignoring them to play the **** conquest! ??


if that’s true, they need to call Conquest Mode- Royal Revolt 3 and separate it from the game we all know and love.  I enjoyed it, but sacrificed sleep amongst other things to stay with it. There ain’t no way I’ll be spending nearly half the month on high alert.  nuh uh,  nope, no way Jose.  I’d like to keep my marriage and job!


Well, if you do fairly well in the Conquest, or even if you do okay and still get last, you still get a ton of chests. You get plenty of good rewards! Although, I do think you get less overall rewards than in a normal war. Once again, @LacunaC’s chest idea in Suggestions and Improvements would be a good add, as it would be fun to get extra chests hidden where you have to dig to get them

Please don’t bring back conquest without changes.   I just cannot take it.   Today was such a nice day.  Got my life back and opening the game to relax and play.   

Without stress.   My WhatsApp not exploding.

Please don’t give us this 8 day torture for 30 more days without changes that was recommended

Worked well.  Family happy.   

These rewards are not worth my time.   Need opt out function if conquest is coming back in 2 weeks

Sorry AK, I have to agree with Vinnypooh. I have a wife at home with MS that I take care of IN ADDITION TO all the chores and work around the house that needs to be done. The only reason I was able to participate more than twice a day was because I’m in between jobs.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t be much help.  I DID enjoy the conquest, but between the fight times, cooldowns, and 8 days, I’m ready to put this behind me until about February.  Seriously, an epic event like this should be a special thing, not a regular one like wars and ninjas.  I could care less if the level 130 players in level 80 alliances  are bored because they spent all that money to upgrade so fast.  I enjoy the game because I HAVEN’T!  Being a “free” player presents challenges and helps prolong my involvement in playing because I AM competitive and DO like to win.  I’d be bored too if I bought my way to the top with nothing to entertain me.   As someone grounded in reality though, I also realize I am not going to win every fight and every war.  Just like in life, there are challenges.  THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT INTERESTING!!   I feel I have done well for myself in this game being level 102 after a year and a few months, and helping revive an alliance that Life Support thought was dead.   Our alliance has done very well in the conquest considering nobody really knew what to do at first.  It’s because we play to win as a TEAM.   We help each other out, but if I use my alliance as BEST case scenario…  we’re all burned out, I couldn’t imagine how those in alliances that aren’t as tight have done.  Burn out is real, folks.  I truly hope the powers that be take our pleas to heart and make the necessary adjustments.  I’m fiercely loyal to my alliance, but it’s just a game.  No game is worth getting burned out over.  If there were REAL rewards (see my post above about dinner and a movie), there would be some REAL incentive to put that much time in.  But we get game rewards, and even if we received 50 chests we’d still have to wait 7 days to cooldown our builders.  Would we even be able to make full use of them?  

All sarcasm aside, once we figured out HOW to do everything (just telling us it had to be done was completely useless), we gelled together and made things happen.  There are some things we need to discuss as an team, but I’m proud of how we played.  We learned, we adjusted, we executed.  If everyone would quit worrying about being top dog all the time and just enjoy the game, you might find it’s not as bad as you think.  Well, once they tweak a few dozen things, but you get my drift. ?