War: Should be based on the 55 highest skull counts

We probably all have been very annoyed by jumpers in the middle of a war, especially in very even wars. Or someone has a real life emergency or a reason to not being able to do all their attacks or even any raids at all.

And if a alliance member is going on vacation or for some other reason wont be able to play for a season or two, we have to find replacements and if the replacement is good you get a issue when the old member comes back since you kinda want both of them.

If the wars were based on the 55 highest skull counts per alliance this would make it a lot more convenient and fair for everyone. Just losing the entire season because a annoying player just leaves right before or during the war season really screws everything up. It’s not easy finding a replacement in the middle of a season, even harder finding someone who doesnt have a cooldown before he can participate in the war.

The way it is now all alliances are very vulnerable of being screwed over in a season just because of a person or two.

Sure you can say, just be careful who you recruit etc but 60 members is a lot of members. And implenting a rule like this wouldnt be negative for anyone.

99.9% of alliances are NOT 60

winning a war is all about having your players active. We are level 25 alliance and we are always place against level 30+ alliances but we defeat them like 20-30k difference. Reason? There players are not active. If we implement that the last 5 lowest skulls are not count then what’s the use of having them in the team? Just for donation?.

Well I’ve been in a 60 member alliance for many months and you can’t always guarantee that everybody will always be able to fight