War system information improvement

During the previous war (I helped in a friends alliance)  &  during current war I tried a new defense layout that resembles an open base design. The design is done in this way to attract more attacks but to also give a killer payload. This design worked very well and gives 20-40 attacks & 30+ gems per day -> that equals about  half of the attacks from the other alliance. About 1 in 8 attacks is 100% successful. About 1 in 4 attacks is fail at 10% progress. About 1 in 5 attacks give gems and of these 50% is 100% successful. The problem is that in both wars I was asked by the leaders to change my base design. In the first war the leader was much less strict and allowed me to experiment. In current war I was instructed to change my base. 

I can understand the concerns of the leaders because the stats did not look good. When the stats report that I have lost 20 000 sculls without showing the number of attacks it looks like my base is no good. In the current war it did not even helped to try and argue with my leader because “L” shape is the war design standard in our alliance. I complied and change to the “L” standard and my bad stats improved because I was no longer attacked. Please show the following five stats so that leaders can better management decisions during wars:

Sculls Won, , Gems won, Sculls Lost, No of Attacks, Average sculls lost.


  1. Gems won will show that successful attacks were possible because the attacking king used gems

  2. Average scull lost will show who’s defense is the best and who’s defense is the weakest

  3. No of attacks will show the type of bases that attracts the most attacks.

Currently it is only possible to see who the best attacker is in an alliance. With these stats it will also be possible to see who the best defender is in the alliance.

I think you have good points. as leader I also would like to have info about number of raids against a player.

With this info, I can figure out a lot of things:

  • How many raids does the opponent team have left (need to make some calculations, but ok)
  • Did we score enough skulls to win
  • If we are behind
    • How many skulls can the opponent score in theory
    • Will using champions help us or not.
  • For members
    • How often are they raided
    • how many of those raids a scroll or resurrection was required (not the number of scrolls, but just a notification that the offender needed gems)
    • How often an opponent scored less than 100%
    • What was average score against the base in percentages. This info shows if someone successfully defended. It is also an indication that a base needs improvement or is good enough.
    • Average hero level of the raiders.
    • What I don’t want to see is % skulls from chests plus failed raids. I don’t want to force a player to use scrolls to win a raid, just because in his stats is visible that he failed a few raids. That’s private info.

This info helps determining if a player is having a good defense or not.

Good idea.

More reporting we need:

How often a player donates (gold). 

Average total donation per week/month. 

Average raids per war per war season. 

Flag any raids under 3.

Total skulls earned per war per war season.

Also, when did a person last donate gold to alliance and when did he last access the game.

This would rather be too transparent, I love the risk factor and using it to our advantage :wink:

Also, I want to see an external message for an Alliance. Will be useful to clear doubts.


I would like to suggest that the donations in a particular alliance (by a particular player) need to stack to say how important he is to the alliance.

I mean we do our donations in the main alliance, then move out to help somebody in the war, come back and again start from zero. I believe, it should start from where we went out.



I agree, I accidentally  left my own alliance the other week, I had donated over 1 billion in gold.