War system is boring and ridiculous (please Flare read this)

It´s a shame that Flare couldn´t make the war more interesting, as long there´s war you can do infinite attacks and war will be won by the alliances that expend the  most money on gems to buy bread  and not by the better ones.

There are players doing 10,000 skulls, playing for 8 straight hours, whats the point?


Wars should be limited to a maximum of 6 attacks (just to say a number) so as they are limited everyone will always try to get 100% from a raid, always.

Also, and this is very important the skulls you get from each player should be random number, that way not only top king players will raided.

For example if I attack MasterE he will give me 890 skulls if I get 100%, but another player from my alliance decide to attack MasterE and he will only get 840 skulls so maybe he will find another player to attack that gives more skulls (everyone gets raided),and is about getting lucky that not only hard bases gives you lots of skulls, as it is random and that is more interesting.


I´ve been playing this game since march 2014 and this is the first time I started to get bored and I´m sure is not only me.


I hope Flare take this in consideration


Sorry about my english but I think I prove my point and is understandable.


Your English is fine, and I agree with your first point about too much grinding.

Though “random skull distribution” is something I completely dislike. You might see the current distribution not optimum, but completely random isn’t better than deterministic by some measure imho.

Last war I was only attacked 4 times in 4 days, only top kings gets attacked. Thanks

Especially the alliance war winner decide on

  1. Hours of Grinding

  2. Money (Champion & shield, buy food, scrolling)


If above doesn’t work, you still can invite friends or allied to fight for you.


None of above involved skill. Just money and grinding. Even with unlimited free food, grinding more than an hour is boring. 


I do think the War system needs to be fixed, but I think you’re wrong. Only the top 3 battles count.  So your max skulls is whatever you can pull in from 3 battles.  And even if you won perfect battles against the number one players in the whole game I think you’d get less than 3,000 skulls.


Here’s what I think needs fixing:


Sorry but last war one rival did almost 7000 skulls. And in other alliances i´ve seen players doing 10,000. 

This war system is boring we play and love rr2 but this war system make u feel like we are machines flare should learn form clash of clans for war so that war can be more intresting and fun i love this game but hate war seson

Random skulls is not a good idea at all.



As for grinding I am still looking for a better alternative. Limiting attacks is not a good idea.

People will just scroll like crazy for there 6 attacks instead of scrolling for 20 attacks. This makes paying to win cost less and Flare will never do that.

But it’s still pay to win.

WOW really? that’s insane, really-really dedicated player :slight_smile:

Some players do more than 20k skulls.

First of all, top3 raids count fully, but all additional raids still count with 2%. Next, with war champions, you can increase those 2% to something much higher (e.g. 10% or 15%). 

But yeah, 20k skulls is definitely an insane amount of grinding :wink:

I agree x) It must take a lot of time!

The skull system will be changed soon (tomorrow!) :slight_smile:




thanks to all of you for providing feedback and ideas.


We fully agree with you guys that the war-system can be improved. That is why we focused on improvements to the war-system in Version 1.8.6


We will continue to improve the war-system as we do continue to improve other aspects of the in future updates. 

Sorry bro but 10000 skulls not possible by a single player.in last war almost whole enemy alliance attacked me then I lost 6000 skulls.I think maximum skulls any player can get is 4000 skulls,not more than that even with continuous attacks.

There are high level players which do also 27k skulls (i don’t say name for privacy)

When I say that some people do more than 20k skulls, that’s because I saw it. Don’t say it’s impossible x)

Can you open this link?


Yes, we can.

And hahaha, someone definitely liked grinding there :wink:

That should prove 10k+ skulls are definitely possible (albeit rare, of course). :grinning: