War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

Hi guys,

Please use this thread for feedback on the new feature of the War Tile Block after you played the next upcoming Conquest. :slight_smile:


I think it should be 10 minutes per member only. 24v24 gives 7 hours of invulnerability, which is too long, imo.

Or, 2 hours plus 5 minutes per member. Maybe 3 hours plus 5 minutes per member would be okay.

I know you wanted to wait until after we played but felt the current time is too long.

Now the retarded and uncontrollable players will make it even harder for the team, possibly starting battles on strategic spots and having the whole Ally unable to attack as planned.

Quit making minor adjustments that do not solve a thing and still put major stress on alliances to find players that can be online 24/7, which is clearly not the reason why people adopted this game in the first place.

Generals controlling all players would solve most of these issues without the need for all this tweaking around. And without *****ing people off.

Disagree. That’s plenty of time to sleep and work in peace without worrying about RR2.

This is a step in the right direction. Anything that is the opposite of forcing people to be 24h online is good.

Well… if you were part of the losing team in that example of 24vs24 that gives 7h, you’ll have to be online for 7h in a row non-stop cause the winners can jump to whatever tower they want whenever they want in the next seven hours and nothing you can do to hold them back for a while.

ah well… no point in pointing out the disadvantages. I won’t lose my sleep/work over this.

Nobody needs to worry about RR2 24/7. Ever. 7 hours of invulnerability on a tile is way too long, imo.

Maybe flat 3 hours would be fine.

Err,  I am not sure what Tile Block is,  conquest has not started either and the premature responses have me confused.    Is there a description of it somewhere I missed, or are we expected to figure it out in-game?  


Part of the version 4.5 update:

After a War has ended on a Tile every player from the winning team (the losing team will be sent back to the Stronghold as usual) will have time to move from that specific tile without getting attacked. There will be a small clock on the Tile to symbolize that. Once every player moved away from the Tile, the block is gone. There is no War-Block if a Tower was only defended by a Tower Guard since the Tower Guard does not have to be on the Tile physically. Currently, the standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 180 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 10 extra minutes will be added.

In rereading it, I’m not a fan of a tower being invulnerable for long stretches of time. I’m not against a break, I just think the break has potential to be too long.

I was going to say, I think the whiners won on this one.       At the very least, the tile should be able to be attacked during the block time and if they do not move then war starts again.  



Thank you the explanation 

What I can say the War Tile Block (new feature) only favor top ally as FLARE is always favor top and rich ally. The time given for the winner to move is too long and  really nonsense. Even in real war in reality war, block the enemy is one the war strategy and why we can’t apply in game ?

Why we block the enemy, because the enemy is stronger than us. Sometime even 10 players can’t beat with 1 player of an enemy. Thus need to block them before they destroy the towers.  

Why we face the stronger ally and stronger players, that is due Conquest MATCHING is really bad. Hopefully FLARE fulfill their promise for Conquest Matching base on score and Alliance Strength  as stated in patch note version 4.3.

What should Flare fix is , make a hidden  name for ally so NO MORE deal between another allies during conquest. Because from the deal, top ally / stronger ally usually set a match, which will get 1st, which ally will get 2nd and which ally they don;t want to give to get the conquest reward. That is really wrong. In reality, set a match for any of game is illegal.

FLARE accept the deal in conquest as part of the conquest/war strategy  but didn’t accept tile block as a conquest/ war strategy.

Please lets us know what the strategy you will use when you meet stronger enemy than you ? RR2 is a strategy game and not a deal game.


You understand the meaning of a block tile? ?

->will not be enough, all player names must be changed … i think thats not possible…

->atm loose the new land and towers… all ?


In my opionon … : in this game you have to choose a strong alliance to win boosts and specials,

the top alliances of a range have to fight against … so all depents on the matchmaking

the the strategy in conquest is easy ? may the strongest win :grinning:

With matchmaking like it is this change just made conquest even worse. Now nothing the weaker team can do to slow down death.

It favors the larger alliances. There was no need for this change. If a team is on top of it and able to keep opponents pinned down, then good for them, they were being active. [Proactive]

Bad change makes this part of the game worse than before.

More thought and consideration should be given to any changes in the rules, as it is hard enough to get players to understand this part of the game anyway.

This change only favors larger teams and so it success or failure will depend solely on match making [which is not a strong point in this game].

Matching teams for all events has been a major issue for several YEARS!


I wouldn’t say this new add was a bad decision, cause I agree that players should be given a chance to not get trapped, but 7 hours seems like a little bit too much. While it does keep that player from being trapped, in a way it traps the other team’s decision-making. I agree with the others here saying that the time should be reduced down to about 2 or 3 hours, maybe 4 max

Keep in mind that EVERY time you win ANY war you can’t be attacked for at least 3 hours and 10 minutes, even for 1v1 battles. Again, too long, imo.

So let us check out, how well the mechanics works, when the conquest has started and we tried out some 1vs1/ 24vs24. Maybe the mechanic behind this process works as it should.

Otherwise this topic is the best option to let the guys change the stuff again and reduce the time until someone can attack you again after winning a fight. ?

One change I think should be made is that if you start building on that tile, your tile block immediately disappears.  Otherwise you could win and start building a tower, and the opposing team could be forced to wait hours to even challenge your build.  You could theoretically even complete your tower before they would be allowed to attack again, but that tower would have to be so close to your base that it’s unlikely to be part of such a huge battle.

In general I look forward to seeing this change in action, and think it will help make conquest less demanding of people’s time.

@UncleTH - no personal insults, please


I am looking forward to what you guys have to say, when you have played it :grinning:

If this will confirm your original concerns or maybe it ends up being better than expected.