War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

I have noticed that the safe tile timer is longer than it takes to get supreme victory in some cases. It’s kind of funny to see the little trail of timers as you move but leave 1 person behind. Not good, imo.

war tile block is a very bad feature, will lead to abuse from the strong teams, frustration for smaller teams, more unfair match making complains, more teams will try peace to be able to get the rewards.

this conquest  is useless for us:

unfair match making:

we rank 165,  lvl67

West opponent a russian team, rank 41, lvl 80

South opponent Mayas team, rank 52, lvl73

If we cant pinn these teams we cant fight against them, we will make peace with both, we will try to get the rewards and have a very boring conquest…

we like to fight, we like the wars, and we liked the conquest very much but…

It’s a terrible update. Coupled with very poor matching this round - the other 3 teams have 55+ members with more than 60% above 3000 trophies, compared to my 40 member team with only 4 players with 3000+ trophies - we do not stand a chance and we can’t even block them as they are destroying every single tower on my map. ?

I would say that you should give the victors at most 5 mins to move out of a tile so that they can’t be blocked immediately after a battle ends.

Hey guys, thanks for letting us know! I will forward the feedback to the devs.

 The war block must have some changes, imo it was fine as it was before, but well let it be.

-The war-block should only apply on battle that last the maximum time (24h), not the one that ended with SV.

-Players of the same team should not be able to go on the protected tile, just leave. At the moment it create safe passages to other battles without restraint.

These two factors create a (problematic) situation : Once a small group wins with SV, they’r protected and so more join them on the same tile. Then they chose another target, and again SV + in the meantime more join them. So like a snowball that becomes bigger and bigger they can’t be stopped.

The fact that warblock doesn’t apply to towers with only tower gard as defender is “ok”, but it’s more like a gamble: Choose either to let only one person to gard the tower or allow enemy warblock when placing more players to defend.

Well… biggest priority imo, is that war-block should be removed in SV’ cases.

There is a bug with this new feature as well. When someone had an order to move to a battle but that battle was won by the opposing team, it is no longer possible to remove the marching order to that tile. So that hero is stuck with a marching order to a tile he cannot move to anyway. No new order can be given until the timer expires.

Not a big fan of this feature as well. So a alliance just need to regroup there to be able to move after to do a 10 vs 1 or 20 vs 5,whatever…How to kill the strategy in a game. For me I found that make the Conquest less interesting and specially for weaker alliance. Nothing stop someone to overhelm the weaker one and wrap it on the map

4.5.0 version its the worst. This version protect strong and top players in all the game again like many update before

Stop bashing on new players and weak player. Please. they have already a hard time to grow. No need to dig they own grave. Poor guys really. No more gems in league for them and now no chance in Conquest. Really? after you surprise they quit?

maybe you should limit the block function to 10 fields around the base.

This way make more sense. Not everywhere on the map. Only around the kingdom.For me its obvious will make more sense. Protect the one around your kingdom

@Madlen @Pete @PaSte @Sasch

I think you guys should re-read this topic, because it really happening now. A weak alliance really don’t have stand for strong alliance slaughter way. Your updates about conquest killing all the fair strategy the war should have. It’s funny because currently our alliance is the strong one but here I am still complaining about it ?. We only need like 10 main players to do the job and we have like 4 hours and 40 minutes break time. It’s an easy conquest for us atm, dunno what’s next, will it be a super hard one? (we hope you always match us with weaker alliance all the time, not just this time. LOL)


I’m not sure it should be removed in SV cases but the timer needs to go way down, imo. Or, let it only work within 15-20 hexes of your base.

Or, make the timer shorter the farther away from your Stronghold you are. I would like that feature. Shorten it by 5 minutes for every hex you are away from your base. Or 10 minutes/hex.

After about 24h with this feature, I have to say this:

  • this feature is a step in the right direction;

  • it’s too easy to start a snowball effect after you lose a war. It’s too easy to steamroll the opposing team or get steamrolled by them.


Right now this feature is a “winner takes it all” thing. There’s no drawback, like you get something but you should have to give up something in return. It can’t be 100% one sided as it is right now.

This feature needs more work.

Let me rephrase.  Assume a group is trying to attack a tower,  they are blocked.  Because it makes more sense to not join and commit more resources. We let the SV time run out then jump the aggressors.   Now we can not.  This block is a problem.    Makes more sense we can initiate a retaliatory offense to tie up aggressors rather than fight.  Maybe tower guard and modifiers should extend out to the claimed area of the tower. 

Why join, just because if we don’t we can not attack and defend our tower?   We should let the SV time run out then jump them!  


the cooldown is definitely too long that robs the alliances of any strategy. The main problem was usually that you could be nailed in the fortress, right?

Agree with you Warriornator. This feature is introduced in version 4.5.0 because top alliance cried too much in forum after being blocked during conquest. Thus, flare took action to protect this top alliance. I don’t know why they’re crying too much, even though they’re being blocked, their alliance still get all the conquest rewards and still get 1st or 2nd place. While, the weaker alliance,  no chance to get the rewards. 

The weaker alliance use to block players after war, is one the strategy to survive. Now, flare kill the game it self.


No, the main problem was that one or two people could hold up 5 times their number easily by continually attacking a group, thus locking them down. There was no time to move after winning before you were locked down again. However, the cooldown timer is way too long and allows a steamroll to happen.

I say shorten the timer the farther way they are from their Stronghold by 5-10 minutes per hex. That way, if fighting in your own territory or in middle areas you have time to move but as you get closer to enemy strongholds your timer is gets much shorter before you can be attacked again.

This new feature turn Conquest into “waiting contest”  Waiting for energy, waiting for cooldown then waiting for bored players. After all that waiting we do one atack uraaa! Fail? More waiting. Success? We have no more energy so…waiting. 

And what about weak players? What can they do for alli except block somebody? 

Just hope Flare will listen and change it for the next Conquest. The Block tile is not a bad idea but maybe just this feature was bad make. Block Tile only should be possible around the kingdom.Nothing else. This way not only you protect weaker alliance but at least you give them a little hope to gain some points they can do a Watchtower around. So if they can get at least 20 points to get 1 or 2 rewards. Its good. Otherwise if you left this feature like this. The number of player who will quit will be huge. Conquest its a event people enjoy (many) and if you make them hate it or if the player find it boring like you can see in up of my post. They will quit.

the majority don’t raid much or play much outside events. So make Conquest more fun by make Block tile just around Kingdom

24 hours after my last update, the other 3 (more powerful) teams have all steamrolled into my team’s territory and we’ve lost 5 towers with another 2 under Attack.  One single powerful player which is 10 - 15 levels (eg. 120) above all the players in an enemy team (eg. max 110) can take down at least one enemy tower every 24 hours and no one can stop him by using a block. This is a terrible update and I expect to end this Conquest with less than 50 tiles.

But that what u mean is a war strategy and i’m sure many alliance use this ! Nailed in the stronghold is lame … that’s what I mean with main problem :point_up: