War troubles

I talk in name of “Ita Royal” Alliance and i have an important questions:


when a war begins between alliances we understood the competitors was ranked almost at the same rank. In the war we are fighting now there are some alliances who are positionated too high or too low. For example Germania1 is 67, Megbegb is 658. We are 237. Obiouvsly will win Germania1!!! There is no balance and we are frustrated. Why continue to fight?

I’m in the same position like you, our alliance level 23 with 28 members, the other alliance are over level 30 with 34-35-36 members. They make skulls like 60k and we are almost near to 40k totally useless this war…

Thanks for voicing your concerns. Balancing the Alliance Wars feature further will be one of our priorities.


We will see what can be done about making sure Wars stay as fair as possible.





Please make it a TOP Priority to Flare Jona, Pleaseee. I’m asking as politely as possible because if it doesn’t get fixed then Flare should know it will kill some of the playerbase with the poor balancing systems because United We Stand is in the same exact position.  We are pitted up against a Russian Alliance at 190 with 28/32 Players, Oranje Legioen at 216 with 28/30 Players, Heros of Camelot at 65 with 38/39 PLAYERS, Vietnam Friendly at 236 with 25/26 players, and  Kristallclan at 367 with 22/35 players and All while United We Stand is at 222 with 27/27 members.  Do you Jona and anyone else see the dilemma lying here? I understand the balancing of the War by Fiefdoms but please make it known to Flare to do it based on Member count and Allianca Rank because while it may seem like just numbers it could mean someone has more 3,000 trophied players or members in general i.e. Camelot at rank 65 with 38/39 Players compared to United We Stand at 222 with 27/27 members or poor Kristallclan.


And could Flare redesign the map a little bit by putting a bar or “lake” in the middle of the map so Alliances can attack the Middle and gang up on a 3 or even possibly at times 4 front war, because it can either eliminate Alliances within the first day or later on in one shot and it is unfair; I understand it is was but it can almost be too low for a video game war you know?  I felt bad for the people in the last war that had that happen to them because while it fun on the attacking side, it is sad and unfair on the receiving end, i.e. United We Stand at the moment.


Jona I’m not mad at you because you’re “just the messenger” but could you write back to show that you have seen this and bring my example to Flare as well because I believe to be a good one to base things off of and also for you to show acknowledgement that you’ve seen this because I and United We Stand have felt unheard lately in the Royal Revolt 2 community.  Please and thank you, have a good day and We’ll try to maintain a decent position in the War but not looking so good with these comparisons.



As a general of the alliance of Master Diaz, United We stand, I saw something very odd during this war season. Alliance Vietnam Friendly started this war season as an alliance with 26 members. Since the start of the war season they have all elite boosts possible they can activate active for 24/7. They even managed to grow to an alliance size with 28 members during this war season.


I did a little investigation by checking their daily donations and came to conclusion that most of them donate 50k, a few ones 75K/100k and only 1 or 2 150K. With that daily donation it’s very hard or maybe impossible to keep those boosts activated 24/7, unless they are paying a lot of real money for keeping them up. 


Only storm canon already costs 600+k for 6 hours and just to keep that on for 24/7 would already cost their complete daily donation. But even then they manage to keep up all boosts active all the time. I don’t want to calculate what kind of donations are needed to keep all those boosts alive, but it will cost a lot I guess. 


To make it even more suspicious, they managed even to grow to 28 members. Okay, they could be heavy paying customers, so I don’t want to accuse them of cheating, but upgrades like these make no sense at all and are worth an investigation.


If they are large spenders, I would expect that their bases would be much stronger a long time ago plus their alliance would be much larger already. In this war season they literally crushed the Kristal Clan alliance and now we are going to be crushed after a tough fight. 


I don’t want to be a bad loser and will be the first one who congratulates them if they won the war in a fair way, but this is just a littlebit to much to believe.


Can you please check if they did pay with actual money and did not do something illegal to keep those boosts alive and used the same trick to upgrade their alliance from 26 to 28 members?