War vp

Could you make it so war victory points has a ranking system for the entire season? and maybe that if you reach a certain tier of vp you get a bonus to the season rewards or something? Maybe like an allaince bench mark where all VP is pooled and you get a reward from that? Or make it so you have to hit a certain VP in order to receive the gem rewards of the season. People who don’t participate in war shouldn’t get gems for not warring…


*also I noticed that when Viewing the alliance hall of gods it sorts based on trophies first now. Thank you thank you thank you ? *

You can always kick players who don’t score during war. That keeps them from getting gems too. 

(But the idea of milestones based on season vp is interesting and I like it. It would have to be implemented really carefully, though. One of the cool things about war seasons now is that an alliance who isn’t necessarily the highest scoring, but who plays smart and gets lucky draws can succeed. I wouldn’t want to mess with that formula too much) 

When you would have to kick 20+ people you can no longer afford the blessing at your level and it makes recruiting hard. If we could back down our allaince level to something appropriate sure but since we can’t ?‍♀️. And then people come for the last war or two help out and then sit for 6 weeks or leave and come back, I’m sure we have people just gaining gems on their Alts.   

And then it’s holiday season so maybe they just weren’t home this week butll be back next season… I don’t want to be like “ you went on vacation but your kicked from the allaince whenyou got back” 

they should add those peace allainces that were brought up a while ago, so that the people who don’t want to participate in war have a place to go so they don’t fill the leagues with ?.    I don’t understand why they’d not want to participate but they don’t 

If those players’ donations are keeping your alliance afloat, then they probably deserve some gems, right!

ive always has a pretty strict policy that if you don’t communicate you don’t stay long.  It cuts down a little on the questions about why someone disappeared. 

I do not think they deserve war gems. For war. And no you shouldn’t get gems for donating your daily.   Maybe they should add donations milestone rewards.

Also another thought would be to have a running total of Victory points similar to fame. And add quests for certain vp levels.